3 Day Marriage Clinic — Sienna

Feb 8–10, 2016 @ Noon-6p — Sienna Campus

Led by Dr. Karl Elkins, LPC

Though couples experience different symptoms such as anger, resentment, and withdrawal, the root problem is usually the same: violating one or more of 25 Essential Marriage Skills found in the Bible.

These skills are taught in a group environment, but all projects are done alone with your partner. This unique marriage intensive provides the equivalent of 18 weeks of counseling in just three days.

What Will You Learn?

  • Top 25 Essential Marriage Skills
  • One Concept that Stops All Arguing
  • Discovering Twelve Needs of Men and Women
  • Meet Most Needs in 30 Seconds
  • Stop Arguing about Money, Communication, Sex
  • Why “Coping” with Problems Is Not Biblical
  • Recover from Adultery
  • Many more topics


Please contact Greg Curnutte ( , 713.335.6465) for questions about 3 Day Marriage Clinic — Sienna. For general questions, please get in touch with us using our contact form.