Daycation Jobs

Be a Daycation Staffer

  • It is a great opportunity to gain experience doing ministry and working with children.
  • As a staffer you have 480 hours during the summer to impact the next generation for Christ.
  • Daycation staff gets the opportunity to utilize their creativity and build their leadership abilities.
  • While many of your friends may be paying to go on week long mission trips this summer, you get to be on mission for 12 weeks…and get paid to do it.
Working at Daycation has really shown me that sharing the love of Jesus is the most important gift we can give to others, especially to the next generation. Watching lives change through the course of a summer is truly priceless. Not to mention, you get paid for it." —Tim Zallar

Daycation was a job I enjoyed very much because of the different aspects we've incorporated into the camp. Not only was there a spiritual emphasis on keeping God first place, but the fact that we can love on the children through sports, crafts, and even quiet time. Having the positive attitude of my fellow coworkers and bosses also uplifted my spirits every day I came into work. I was able to love on the children because of the same love that was poured into me. —Michelle Pai

Daycation is Awesome Sauce and can’t wait to do it again next summer! PTL! I love everything about it and digging and driving into kids’ lives, learning about them and seeing them have a fire for Jesus Name! Yes Lord! Come On! —Jen Murrell


To be a Day Camp Counselor:

  • You must be a believer in Jesus Christ and strive to follow Him daily. Since this is a Christian camp, your relationship with Christ will affect every aspect of our program.
  • Counselors must have completed High School to apply.


Applications will be accepted through March and interviews will take place through February and March. However, Daycation staff will be chosen throughout the spring, so the sooner you turn in your application, the better your odds are that there will still be a position available. Fill out the job application form below to get started.

Daycation Job Application