Even though followers of Christ have the best news in the world to share with others, we often struggle with how best to say it. Perhaps we think that if we don't present it like Pastor Gregg or Rev. Billy Graham, we might as well not even try.

Odds are, God's not calling you to be a teacher or preacher like these men. Rather, He simply asks that you "always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you." (1 Peter 3:15)

Houston's First offers the following classes to equip believers to do just that.

Most of our evangelism classes are free to attend and open to members and guests from any of our campuses. Registration is required for Xee and the Share Your Faith Workshops, so be sure to sign up.

Growing Our Souls

Smart Fishing ... Ways to Reach More People in Christ

In this course we will study the charge from Christ in Matthew 4:19 and discuss the why, when, where and how of successful fishermen to equip believers to become Fishers of Men. …

Wednesdays, Aug 30–Oct 4 @ 6:30–8p

Racial Reconciliation and the Gospel

A unified, multi-ethnic people is a God-glorifying, unique mark of the Church. For six weeks, we will look at what the Bible has to say about race, the togetherness of the Church, why it’s so hard and why it’s worth pursuing. …

Wednesdays, Aug 30–Oct 4 @ 6:30–8p

Loving Muslims

This class will look at culture, worldview and how the Gospel rightly fits into this context. Also, included will be best practices and personal examples of communicating the truth of Scripture and partnering with the Holy Spirit. Organized and established opportunities to get involved with partners in the community will also be discussed. …

Wednesdays, Oct 11–Nov 15 @ 6:30–8p

Conversational Evangelism

In the past, witnessing involved laying out the truth and guiding a person to understand and accept it. But the awareness of basic Christian principles has changed and so have the needs of pre-believers. …

Wednesdays, Oct 11–Nov 15 @ 6:30–8p

Caring for Missionaries

Missionary families struggle the same way we do in many areas of life—only their struggles are often magnified by health and security risks, exposure to different culture and language, and isolation from their loved ones and support groups. Find out how you can best serve and support the Houston’s First missionary community. …

Wednesdays, Aug 30–Oct 4 @ 6:30–8p

XEE - Relational Evangelism Training

XEE equips Jesus-followers to share the Gospel effectively in everyday encounters. In this seven-week class, you will learn and put into practice relevant, biblical, and relational evangelism skills for our postmodern times. …

Wednesdays, Sep 13–Oct 25 @ 6–8p

Practical Evangelism

A 5-week guide on sharing the Gospel of Jesus with anyone and everyone! The Bible says that the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart (Luke 6:45). If Jesus has filled our hearts then we will be speaking about Jesus. …

Wednesdays, Sep 9–Oct 4 or Oct 11–Nov 15 @ 6:30–8p

The Ways of the Alongsider: Growing Disciples Life to Life

Despite our weaknesses, Jesus invited us to participate in the Great Commission by helping people live for Christ in the here and now. This Bible study spells out the “how” of making disciples through an alongsider approach to life. You apply the practices of an alongside, such as reading the Bible with others, asking questions, telling stories, encouraging, application and living on mission. …

Wednesdays, Aug 30–Nov 8 @ 6:30–8p

Finding your PLACE in Life & Ministry

​This five-week course will help you discover how God has uniquely designed you to be a difference maker among your family, friends, colleagues, and community. We will cover topics such as personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and life experiences. Following the course, you will be given an opportunity to meet with a PLACE Coach to help you implement what you learn.​ …

Wednesdays, Sep 27–Oct 25 @ 7–8:30p