Houston 1:8

Be a Missionary to Our City

Houston 1:8

Houston 1:8 began as a service project of a young single adult Life Bible Study at one ministry site in 1998. Around the same time, the church was encouraging members to grow in their faith by going on short-term mission trips to other nations.

Church leaders recognized that a first step for many members before going on such trips would be to simply go across town to share the love and truth of Jesus — and Houston 1:8 provided that opportunity.

Since then, this annual mission trip to our city has grown into a churchwide endeavor at locations throughout the greater Houston area. Houston 1:8 volunteers, or missionaries, share the Gospel and gain experience they can use on trips to other parts of the world — and in their daily lives here at home.

What is the win?

Our win during Houston 1:8 is to equip Houston’s First members to be involved in local long-term ministry so that we can make a difference in our city as a community of believers. We want to see our members being missionaries to our city throughout the year — not just four days in July. Imagine the difference we could make if the Houston’s First family lived out the Gospel in our community as we go about our daily lives!

Houston 1:8 Stories

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