A Gift For Houston's First Family

Dec 23, 2015

The NextGen Team at Houston's First — serving families with children ages 18 and younger — is always looking for more and more ways for families to Grow@Home. That is why they are providing the entire Houston's First family with a FREE membership to RightNow Media!

Whether you have children in your home or not, RightNow Media offers helpful content for individuals, couples, empty-nesters, and anybody wanting to grow deeper in their faith. This free gift is for everyone — regardless of your age or stage of life.

Click the button below to sign-up and register for your free account:

rightnow media

What is rightnow MEDIA?

RightNow Media is like "Christian Netflix" with on-demand Bible study content for the whole family. RightNow Media hosts over 10,000 Bible studies from over 100 teachers such as Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Jen Hatmaker, David Platt, and many more. Plus, the content for kids is full of Bible-based entertainment such as Veggie Tales, What's In The Bible?, Boz, and more.

What is GROW@HOME?

At Houston's First, Grow@Home is a churchwide commitment to encourage spiritual growth at home. Spiritual training at home and regular attendance in a Life Bible Study and Milestones classes and events work together to lay the foundation for a deep and lasting faith. The goal of NextGen Ministry is to aid families in becoming the primary disciplemakers of their children. Learn more about Grow@Home on the NextGen page.


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