The Internship


The Internship

The Internship is a nine week summer program of Houston’s First Baptist Church. Our deepest desire is to see college students have an authentic encounter with Jesus and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are looking for college students who are crazy enough to think they can be used to change the world. This Internship's sole purpose is to be a developmental program that equips current and future leaders for The Kingdom of God. We are only interested in the teachable who are eager to discover their personal strengths, spiritual gifting and life calling. At Houston's First we want interns to walk out of their summer here, knowing WHO they are before what it is decided what they DO.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Purpose

The Internship is an investment. We are not about investing in programs - we are about investing in people. This is why we have no logo. Jesus Christ lived life with twelve men who were used to change the world. We are convinced that twelve interns living in community for one summer can have the same affect. Our team wants to equip and empower college students to live out the Gospel wherever God might be taking them.


  1. Community— interns will do this summer will be together.
  2. Houston — Living in the heart of the most diverse city of our nation. Then learning how to engage the most diverse city of our nation.
  3. Learning & Loving — Opportunities to serve & learn alongside professionally trained missional leaders, thinkers, and motivators from across the world.

Application Process

  1. Pray. A whole summer is a big commitment and we only want you here if it is God's desire for you.
  2. Click the application button below.
  3. Download or print the application. After completion, mail in the application (address below) along with a $35 check payable to Houston’s First Baptist Church.
  4. Once your complete application has been received, our team will review it. If deemed necessary, an initial phone interview will take place.
  5. If accepted to The Internship, you will be notified and sent an acceptant package with the things you should need for your upcoming summer.

Missions Intership Application

Send mail to:

Houston’s First Baptist Church Prayer, Missions and Connection Center – The Internship, 7401 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024

Need more information about the internship?

Contact Jerrell Altic at 713.335.6450 or submit this form below.