Love Well

Filled Up and Poured Out

Give online towards the First Kids and First Friends South Sudan water well.

When we launch the new building, we will be launching a year-long focus, premiering on June 21st: "Love Well." It is a familiar idea. It is why we started the campus to begin with and it has been the foundation on which we have built everything else the past 4 years — Loving Cypress Well for Jesus! We don't want to lose sight of this as we grow.

The scriptural basis for this initiative comes from John 4:14, Ephesians 5:12, and John 13:34. From WellSpring comes the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4:14. Jesus remains our true WellSpring of Life and we are to drink daily of Him to love from the overflow.

As we get situated into the building, we want to keep the focus outward, instead of focused inward. We will need to be intentional about this focus because it is a natural tendency to get comfortable and apathetic. We will not ask "What can the church do for me?" BUT "What can the church (ME) do for others? How can I/we love like Jesus? Out of the overflow that has been poured out on us through Jesus, we will love well.

Families will lock arms to work together, pouring out to make a difference as a family. This initiative will propel Grow@Home equipping, Parents as Primary Disciple Makers, service at church, BackYard Kids Club, H 1 :8, Campus Launch, Community outreach, etc. So exciting! This initiative will undergird all that we do as we begin our first year of ministry at our new ministry.

To kick start this initiative we will empower families to BUILD A WELL in South Sudan. What beautiful way to commemorate the beginning of our ministry's new place to gather - show them how God can use them in big ways and point them OUT to look for more opportunities!

Cy Chl Love Well Slide


For any questions, contact Timber Garner.