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Light the Night


Begins in 13 days 20 hrs 41 min

Share your Light The Night Snapshots

Light the Night is an opportunity for our people to connect with their neighbors to build relationships.

Goal — Connect with people in your neighborhood to build relationships, which will lead to demonstrating the gospel in words and actions.

Win — Invite people to your home (or another location) to learn about them and share who Jesus is and what He has done in your life.

Guidelines — Here are a few simple guidelines for those who choose to participate in the "Light The Night" Outreach:

  • Pray! Pray for your neighborhood, the children, parents, and strangers that you will interact with.
  • Smile and hand out genuine compliments with the candy. You want your neighbors to know that yours is a household that cares for the community. A kind word will go a long way. Don't forget to smile.
  • Don't be too in-your-face preachy. Use this to build relationships.
  • Happy, non-scary decorations on your lawn or porch can have a positive impact on your neighbors.
  • Make certain that your sidewalk and porch are well lit and free of debris.

Lighting the Night

STEP 1: Register and pray for your neighborhood!

STEP 2: Choose one idea — Download the Light the Night Resource Guide and choose a potential idea to connect with your neighbors and neighborhood.

STEP 3: Invite the neighbors to connect — Invite people to connect to learn about them and share who Jesus is and what he has done in your life. For a resource on how to share your story, visit the missions office to pick up a "Telling Your Story" booklet or download a printable version here.




For Those That Want to Do a Little Bit More:

  • Set up a mini carnival on your driveway or front lawn or have a cookout. Remember, it's your event. You can do as much or as little as time and finances allow.
  • Set up one or two simple carnival games such as a bean bag toss or rubber duck race in a wash tub (or if you and your neighbors want to do more get together and add more carnival games).
  • You may also want to have some fun Christian children's music playing on your front porch.


On Oct 31 of each year, Light The Night provides a great way for Houston's First members to connect with their neighbors especially since so many of them will be walking by anyway! Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you prepare for a great evening in your neighborhood.

Is it important that I register?
YES! For one, it allows us to know who all is involved in Light The Night and allows us to keep you updated about new resources and other important announcements.

How do we decide what to do?
Consider the amount of time and resources you have to dedicate to Light The Night. Then, look through the ideas and choose something that sounds fun. If you're having fun, there's a good chance your neighbors will want to join you!

Do we need to choose an activity from the website?
No! You can choose any activity that you believe will allow you to connect with neighbors. The activities on the website and Resource Guide are only meant to give you ideas. What you do is up to you.

Can we do Light The Night with Christian neighbors who don't attend Houston's First?
Absolutely! Light The Night is bigger than one church. Feel free to join with neighbors from other churches and other denominations to make an impact in your neighborhood.

Is the point of Light The Night to get more people to attend our church?
No, not really. The point of Light The Night is to get connected with neighbors in a way that will lead to a gospel conversation later on. Although your neighbors are certainly welcome at Houston's First—and we hope you will invite them at some point—we want people to know Jesus! You decide when an invitation to church is appropriate. For now, just get to know them and let them get to know you.

Should we share about our Light The Night experience?
We would love to hear you Light The Night story! Post lots of pictures on social media! Be sure to tag your campus and use the hashtag #HFBCLightTheNight. You can also share your snapshots with us using this form.

How should kids be involved in Light The Night?
That really depends on the age of your kids. Just being present at an event like this can be a tremendous discipleship experience for a child. This is a great opportunity for them to learn and see what you believe is important. Involve kids in a way that they can handle. For younger kids, have them help you decorate or put stickers on candy. Bigger kids can be given bigger jobs like managing a lemonade stand or passing out popsicles. Prepare your kids to be involved in gospel conversations as well. How? Help them know that at some point, someone will ask "Why are you doing this?" Be ready with a good answer — because we want to be a good neighbor.

Our family doesn't really have any evangelism training. What can we do for Light The Night?
Just be yourselves! Your neighbors aren't looking for a slick sales pitch. If they are like most people, they just want to know that Christians are real people. Enjoy the things you like to do as a family and invite your neighbors to join you. Be natural, have fun, and get to know people.

If we do invite our neighbors to church, where should we invite them?

That may depend on the campus you attend. If you don't know of a specific event, feel free to invite them to the Christmas Eve services. Almost everyone celebrates Christmas, and it's a very easy way to introduce them to the church.

Event Details

  • DateSun, Oct 31, 2021
  • Time 6:00–10:00pm
  • Where Off Campus (Your Neighborhood)