Questioning Christianity


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Houston's First Baptist Church is a community that wants to listen to and engage with the questions and doubts of our friends. Questioning Christianity is a video series featuring author/speaker Tim Keller in which we dive into your questions about Christianity. This series is for those exploring the Christian faith and is open to anyone who desires to learn more. There is no childcare provided.

Faith & Proof — Wed, May 1
How can you believe in something you can't prove?

Meaning — Wed, May 8
Does life have meaning beyond what I make of it?
Can life be meaningful in the face of suffering?

Satisfaction — Wed, May 15
How can I be happy? Does God care about my happiness?

Identity — Wed, May 22
Am I only as good as my latest achievement?

Morality — Wed, May 29
Can there be moral absolutes?
Aren't right and wrong just common sense?

Justice — Wed, June 5
What can humans do in the face of all the injustice in the world?

Hope — Wed, June 12
Can hope exist in the face of death and all the evil in the world?

Event Details

  • Schedule Wednesdays, May 1 – June 12 @ 6:30–8p
  • Where Downtown Campus (Rm 213)
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