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Rush Week 2023

High School Students

Begins in 01 mo 15 days 19 hrs 33 min
Lp Stu Hub Rush Week 2023 Ei


Make the most of your summer with an experience like no other — Rush Week 2023 in Panama City Beach, FL July 14-20! (NEW WEEK in July!!)

High School students gather for all the fun of camp with worship, Bible Study, free-time and crazy activities. Represent your team with all out Colors Wars! Explore activities throughout Panama City Beach like Laser tag, mini golf, surf shops, and more! Party the night away with a Silent Disco! Take over a local coffee shop for a night!

Plus, hear from Gregg Matte (Pastor of Houston's First) and Grant Partrick (Campus Pastor for Passion City Church) with worship led by Kenny West!

This event isn't just a summer camp but each day students will get to serve alongside local ministry partners and churches! Be equipped in what it looks like to serve in God's Kingdom through a variety of ministry teams and projects! Partner with local churches and ministries to reach families, neighborhoods, and communities for Jesus!

Grab your friends and don't miss this week — it could change your life!


Registration starts Sun, Feb 19


What are Family Contributions?

- Family Contributions are any funds that your family applies to your students total camp cost. There is a minimum Family Contribution for each student who attends. We understand that some families may be able to contribute more than the minimum and we ask that each family be responsible when making their family contribution.

What are Student Contributions?

- Student Contributions are funds that students plan to put towards their camp/mission trip. We encourage students to work and earn a portion of their trip. Students can walk dogs, babysit, wash cars, etc. Those funds can be applied and added to their trip and MATCHED!

What's Matching?

- Matching funds occur when a student works/earns money through Student Contributions. Student Contributions can be matched up to $10 per hour. For example, if a student babysat for 5 hours and made $50, they could apply that $50 of 'student contribution' towards their trip and The HUB would also apply $50 towards their trip.

What's a Missional Grant?

- As a church and ministry we want everyone to be able to attend that's why we've made so many ways for funds to be made towards the trip. If your Family Contributions and Student Contributions (Matching Funds included) do not equal the total number of the trip the Missional Grant can cover the remaining costs. There is a limited amount of Missional Grant so please be respectful of others when you request funds.

Can I Bring a Friend?

- YES! This is an amazing experience for friends and new friends!

Where do we stay?

- Students will stay in condos at the Majestic Beach Resort in groups of 4-6 with an adult leader.

How do we get there?

- Rush Week takes charter buses from Houston to PCB. Once we are there we'll use vans and rental cars for ministry throughout the week.

What about food?

- All meals are included in the cost of Rush Week. Breakfast and Lunch food is given to each room and they prepare sack lunches and eat breakfast in rooms each day. Dinners are catered. Dietary requests can be made in advance.

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