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Steiger Intensive Training - Houston

Begins in 13 days 16 hrs 26 min
Dt Msn Steiger Intensive Training 2021 11 Ei

This life-changing event will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Global Youth Culture and teach the Steiger values, principles, and models for relevantly sharing Jesus and making disciples among young people who would not usually walk into a church.

Our purpose is to inspire you to have a passionate faith in Jesus and to share that with an urban, globalized generation that has often forgotten God. This is also an opportunity to get to know more about Steiger and to become actively involved in the mission.

Schedule & Registration

  • Thu, Nov 4 @ 8:30a–8:30p
  • Fri, Nov 5 @ 8:30a–8:30p
  • Sat, Nov 6 @ 8:30a–1p
  • Sun, Nov 7 @ 9:30a–2p (Attend Life Bible Study and Worship; Lunch & debrief offsite at Discovery Green)

There is a part-time option for just Thu–Sat and a full-time option for Thur–Sun. Please go to the registration link for more information and to register.

For both options, please select "Tickets" and select "Enter Promo Code" at the top of the popup. Enter promo code, HFBC, and hit apply to waive the fee.

Event Details

  • Schedule Thu, Nov 4 – Fri, Nov 5 @ 8:30a–8:30p, Sat, Nov 6 @ 8:30a–1p & Sun, Nov 7 @ 9:30a–2p
  • Where Downtown Campus
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