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Legacy 68:5

Legacy 68:5 seeks to sustain foster and adoptive families in their journey of building deep healing connections as well as workers in the community who are defending the vulnerable. We come alongside them by providing professional, tangible, and spiritual support. We can only do that with the help of a team of volunteers who are willing to play a part in the lives of those caring for the orphaned and vulnerable.

Jason Johnson of Christian Alliance for Orphans says, “In the Body of Christ, no one is called to do everything, but everyone is created to do something. Unique gifts are given to unique individuals, not for their own good but for the common good of the whole body.” We would like to help you find your “something” so that there is more than enough support and resources for caregivers.

We have two lanes for you to get involved: Direct and Indirect Care. Direct Care involves direct contact with the families that we serve. Indirect Care does not involve direct contact with the families, but offers ways to get involved that may be “behind the scenes”, but are as important and impactful. These opportunities are available as families express a need or submit a request. Because of the populations that Legacy 68:5 serves, we require the highest standard of screening for volunteers in order to provide the safest environments possible for our children and families. All potential volunteers must be CPP approved through HFBC (6 months active involvement at HFBC, Church Membership, Approved Next Gen application, Clear Background Check). For more information on the CPP approval process please contact

Indirect Care

  • Becoming a Prayer Partner (Many different ways to engage in this area)
  • Writing notes of encouragement to foster and adoptive moms (monthly)
  • Writing notes of encouragement to local CPS workers (monthly)

Direct Care

  • Serving at family events
  • Serving at the MOTH Retreat (for foster and adoptive moms)
  • Babysitting in home (Relationship with a foster or adoptive family is required prior to attending a Babysitter Certification Workshop, so you must be willing to be involved in quarterly events that would allow opportunities for connection with the families.)
  • Helping with childcare at Houston's First during ReCreate Date Night
  • Meal delivery to a foster or adoptive family (monthly)
  • Grocery Delivery to a foster or adoptive family (monthly)

Due to the complexities of foster care and adoption, volunteer opportunities are reserved for members of Houston’s First Baptist Church. If you meet this requirement and are interested in joining the team, please fill out our form below.

Volunteer with Legacy 68:5