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The Internship


The Internship

Each year, Houston’s First Baptist Church’s Missions Office hosts a summer Internship for college students, a two-month investment program. The Internship is dedicated to developing current and future kingdom leaders by enabling them to be a part of some of Houston’s best ministry work and exposing them to incredible teaching and intentional community.

The Purpose

Our program is an investment. You are not mere workhorses for our ministry purposes; investing in you is our ministry purpose. Our team wants to equip and empower college students to live out the Gospel wherever God might be taking them.


  1. Community — Interns will experience the summer together, living in close and constant community.
  2. Houston — Interns will live in the heart of the most diverse city in the United States. They will learn how to engage such a diverse environment.
  3. Learning & Loving — Interns will be given unique opportunities to serve & learn alongside professionally trained missional leaders, thinkers, and motivators from across the world.

Application Process

  1. First, we ask that you pray. A whole summer is a big commitment and we only want you here if it is God’s will.
  2. Download and print the application below. Upon completion, mail in the application (Houston’s Fist Baptist Church — Missions & Connection Center - Attn. Brady Sharp — 7401 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024).
  3. Once your complete application has been received, our team will review it. After this, a skype interview will take place.

Qualifications for Applicants

  • We ask that you be a believer in Jesus Christ.
  • We ask that you, as an applicant, display and possess both spiritual and relational maturity.



Please contact us if you have any questions or are in need of further assistance.

Brady Sharp
Missions Internship Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a normal day look like?

Each day will be different. A typical day in The Internship will reflect the season the program is in (There are typically 3 seasons each summer: learning, resting, and ministry). Nonetheless, a normal day could look like this:

  • 7a — Wake up
  • 8a — Workout
  • 9:30a — Eat breakfast
  • 10a — Work in our Missions office
  • 12p — Lunch
  • 1p — Afternoon teaching
  • 5p — Dinner in the City
  • 6:30p — Ministry in the city
  • 8:30p — Community free time
  • 10:30p — Time for bed

Some days will feature little to no free time, while other days will feature a whole free day to live, read and enjoy community.

How do I plan for each day?

You don’t. Interns will live one day at a time—the find out the schedule for their next day the night before.

Where will I live?

In the heart of our city in an area call The Heights. It is a unique area that is inhabited with hipsters and young professionals. Likewise, it is filled with architecture, Mom & Pop shops, trendy restaurants, and Houston’s premier coffee shops.

Do we get days off?

Interns will typically get one day off each week. Request for additional days off for situations like family reunions and weddings (and other related events) will be evaluate on a case by case basis by the director.

Are meals provided?

All meals are provided, except for meals on your days off.

Will I need a vehicle?

A vehicle is not required but can be beneficial on your days off. Interns will travel together all summer in a comfortable van.

What do I need to bring?

Upon acceptance you will receive a list of what to bring.

Send mail to:

Houston’s First Baptist Church Prayer, Missions and Connection Center – The Internship, 7401 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024

Need more information about the internship?

Contact Brady Sharp at or submit this form below.