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Camp Rush 2023

Middle School Students

Begins in 24 days 01 hrs 49 min
Lp Stu Hub Camp Rush 2023 Ei


Middle School students grab your squad for the best week of your summer! Explore Camp Eagle with all your friends with Camp Rush, June 25-29th in Rocksprings, TX!

Students will experience the Texas Hill Country filled with zip lines, rock climbing, archery tag, super swings, and so much more while learning about missions and large corporate worship and small groups! Plus, Houston's First has rented THE ENTIRE CAMP for our week so we have plenty of room for friends and new friends!! Camp Rush gives HUB Students an opportunity to not only experience the BLAST of summer camp but also get started and explore missions and what it looks like to live missionally!

This is an amazing event for students to invite friends to, grow closer together, and make lifelong memories!


Registration starts Sun, Feb 19


What are Family Contributions?

- Family Contributions are any funds that your family applies to your students total camp cost. There is a minimum Family Contribution for each student who attends. We understand that some families may be able to contribute more than the minimum and we ask that each family be responsible when making their family contribution.

What are Student Contributions?

- Student Contributions are funds that students plan to put towards their camp/mission trip. We encourage students to work and earn a portion of their trip. Students can walk dogs, babysit, wash cars, etc. Those funds can be applied and added to their trip and MATCHED!

What's Matching?

- Matching funds occur when a student works/earns money through Student Contributions. Student Contributions can be matched up to $10 per hour. For example, if a student babysat for 5 hours and made $50, they could apply that $50 of 'student contribution' towards their trip and The HUB would also apply $50 towards their trip.

What's a Missional Grant?

- As a church and ministry we want everyone to be able to attend that's why we've made so many ways for funds to be made towards the trip. If your Family Contributions and Student Contributions (Matching Funds included) do not equal the total number of the trip the Missional Grant can cover the remaining costs. There is a limited amount of Missional Grant so please be respectful of others when you request funds.

Can I Bring a Friend?

- YES! This is an amazing experience for friends and new friends!

What Kind of Lodging Do We Have?

- Students will be in groups of 10-12 in large bunk house cabins with 2 adult leaders

I'm Gluten Free, what can I eat?

- Students with dietary restrictions can bring as much of their own specialized food as they want. There is a designated refrigerator and microwave for them.

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Event Details

  • Date Sun, Jun 25, 2023 - Thu, Jun 29, 2023
  • Where Camp Eagle