MidLink Bonus Night

Begins in 18 days 18 hrs 10 min

The Truth about the Genesis Flood with Dr. Tim Clarey (with an extra session available at 8:30p)

This event is hosted by the Greater Houston Creation Association and Houston's First Baptist Church. As a geologist, Dr. Clarey will show how sedimentary evidence across several continents confirms the occurrence of a global flood. He will present oil industry data compiled into maps and diagrams that illustrate the progression of the Flood and match the biblical narrative. This abundant evidence supports a worldwide flood that happened just thousands of years ago.


  • 4:45–6:15p — Dinner in the Café
  • 6:30–8p — The Truth about the Genesis Flood
  • 8p — Break (Pick-up children from childcare)
  • 8:30–10p — Do Dinosaurs Support Evolutionary Theory?

No cost and no registration needed.

For more information about the events available for kids 18 and under on Wednesday nights, click here.

Event Details

  • Schedule Wed, Mar 6 @ 6:30–8p with an extra session available @ 8:30p
  • Where The Loop Campus (Chapel)