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Promise Keepers 2020 Simulcast

for men of all ages

Begins in 27 days 04 hrs 31 min
Cy Men Promise Keepers 2020 Ei
Fri, July 31 @ 6–9p & Sat, Aug 1 @ 9a–12p

Promise Keepers 2020 Simulcast

Promise Keepers is the largest movement of men in the history of the Church. Now it’s calling on a new generation of men to rise up as warriors for Christ. Promise Keepers 2020 Simulcast will empower you to stand stronger and walk with Christ. This digital global gathering will feature transformative teaching and music from leading worship artists. It's an event to share with friends!

Promise Keepers: Men of Integrity

Founded in 1990 by iconic National Championship and College Football Hall of Fame coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through vital relationships to become godly influences in their homes, churches, workplaces and communities.

Promise Keepers’ goal is to bring about revival through a global movement that calls men back to courageous, bold, leadership. More than ever, America needs a revival of godly men. Our nation faces problems that can only be overcome when men of integrity — promise keeping men — fulfill their destinies as godly husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Partner with us as we develop a new wave of community, mission, and leadership support for the men of today. We're calling on men everywhere — all of us — to boldly rise up and STAND TOGETHER as the men God intended us to be. We will be the spark that calls men back to God’s Word, sharing their faith and caring for the poor and oppressed throughout the world. As brothers, let's become who we're created to be, knowing our identity, purpose, and destiny in Christ. Then let's do, linking arms to change the world for good … and for God. Together we will bless our families, strengthen our churches, and transform our communities, and reignite a new generation. Will you join us?

The 7 Promises of Promise Keepers: Honor, Brotherhood, Virtue, Commitment, Changemaking, Unity, Obedience

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  • This Simulcast conference is FREE!
  • Dinner will be provided on Friday, July 31 (with a suggested donation of $10 — all proceeds will go to one of our ministry partners).
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  • Schedule Fri, July 31 @ 6–9p & Sat, Aug 1 @ 9a–12p
  • Where Cypress Campus
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