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Rush Week 2024

High School Students

Begins in 17 days 18 hrs 15 min
Lp Stu Rush Week 2024 Ei

Spend a week in Florida like you've never done before!! High School students from all HUB Student Ministry Campuses will be in Panama City Beach, FL for Rush Week 2024!!

This unique trip is all the fun and energy of summer camp with the Kingdom impact of a mission trip all rolled into one! Students will spend half of each day serving local ministry partners and pointing people closer to Jesus through service, evangelism, and kids camps! The other half of each day is full of summer camp free time fun on the beach, small groups, worship & Bible study, team challenges and so much more!!

This trip is one that you do not want to miss as we get to change our routines and connect with the Lord and our peers in a fresh new way! Don't miss Rush Week 2024!

Registration begins Sunday, Feb 18 and closes on June 13!

Note: Since this experience includes missions there are additional ways to fund this trip! Click through the registration to learn more!


Registration starts Sun, Feb 19


How do we get there?

- Each Campus Student Ministry will organize transportation to and from their campus on charter buses. Once we arrive students will go to and from ministry in rental cars with small group leaders or staff.

Where do we stay?

- Rush Week is based at Majestic Beach Resort. Twin tower condo buildings with a conference center. Students will stay in fully furnished condos, have their own bed (traditional or air mattress), make breakfast & lunch each day, and have ocean views!

What kind of missions will they do?

- We have various partners in the Panama City area. Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of ways they may be gifted to serve in God's Kingdom through service, evangelism, and/or kids ministry activities.

Can my student bring a cell phone?

- As part of our safeguarding for the event we do not allow students to bring cell phones (or similar devices) to Rush Week. Beyond their distracting nature there are other things that can be harmful to students and Rush Week through cell phones.

How can I talk to my student without a cell phone?

- All leaders and staff with students will have their device. If you wish to speak to your student daily or throughout the week the small group leader or staff can allow them to call you while at Rush Week!

How can I fund this trip?

- Since there are heavy missions components to this trip there are a variety of ways to fund this trip. Family Contributions are funds your family puts towards this trip. Student Contributions are funds that your student gets by working/earning funds toward their trip (mowing lawns, babysitting, working a job, etc). Student Contributions are also 'matched' when put towards their trip total. Lastly, Misisonal Grant is a fund that helps families that are unable to fully pay through Family Contributions or Student Contributions to finish covering the total cost. For more information about this please click through to the registration and watch the video.

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