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High School

Begins in 03 mo 07 days 12 hrs 16 min
Lp Stu Rushmore 2024

Looking for a unique opportunity to challenge and grow in your relationship with the Lord? Do you want a new experience with The HUB?

10-12th Grade students are invited to join the team for Rushmore 2024! Students will go to either Washington DC or New York City to lean into their spiritual gifts and find new ways to show the love of Jesus.

Each city features partnerships with North American Mission Board (NAMB) church planters, experiences unique to Rushmore, new ways to share the Gospel, and deeper community with HUB Students & Staff!

Since our church has such a desire to see students on mission we have made many ways for students to earn and/or fund their trip cost to Rushmore! Students may use "Missional Matching Funds" (including Student Contributions), Family Contributions (Deposit + any extra), and the HFBC Missional Grant!

Rushmore is a unique experience and certainly a step up from Rush Week! We hope your student joins the team and sees what it means to Rushmore!

Washington DC — Loop & Cypress
New York City — Loop, Sienna, & Downtown


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1. How does Family Contributions & Missional Matching Funds work?

Family Contributions are anything that your family wants to put towards the total cost of the trip. Missional Matching Funds are funds that students get for money they have WORKED for and earned. Example: If you student babysits, works a job, and/or gets paid for working for someone else they can take that money, fill out a form, and turn it in towards the cost of the trip. Those WORKED FUNDS will then be matched by The HUB and also put towards the cost of the trip.

2. What's the minimum Family Contribution?

$300 is the minimum and is the deposit for the trip. We do encourage families that can pay more to do so which allows other families more opportunity to use the HFBC Missional Grant.

3. Where does the group stay?

The group stays in an International Hostel. NYC Team will stay at Hostelling International and the DC Team will stay at Generator DC. Students will have their own bed and have "hotel style" door locks. We have stayed at these locations for the last 8 years and have had zero issues.

4. How does the group travel?

Each team will fly to each city from Houston. Once on the group the team will travel via walking, bus, and/or Subway. All students must be comfortable doing this.

5. Is this a sightseeing trip or a mission trip?

This is very much a mission trip. Students will be up early and out late. They will be asked to learn the culture quick and engage with it to benefit our church partners and ministries. There are moments of "fun" for sure but this is a mission trip at heart!

Still have questions?

Please contact your Campus Student Ministry.

Event Details

  • Date Sat, Mar 09, 2024 - Thu, Mar 14, 2024
  • Where Off Campus (New York City & Washington DC)