Attendance Policies

School of Fine Arts

Private Lessons

The Fall Semester consists of 15 lessons plus a recital. The Spring semester consists of 17 lessons plus a recital. There is a $35 non-refundable recital fee due at the time of set up along with the $25 registration fee.

One makeup lesson per semester will be awarded to each student. If a lesson is missed due to illness, extreme emergency or death in the family, and the instructor is given notice as soon as possible (preferably by email and phone call), it will be rescheduled by the instructor and School of Fine Arts office and made up. Any lessons missed and rescheduled, excluding the one allotted makeup lesson, will be at the discretion of the teacher.

Lessons will not be made up if they are missed or denied due to late payment. Students are responsible for paying for all lessons regardless of student or instructor attendance. Lessons not completed by the end of the semester due to teacher absence will be credited to the student.

Students who are 10 minutes (or more) late for their lesson will be considered to have forfeited their lesson. This will be considered an unexcused absence and the instructor is under no obligation to make it up. If running close to lesson time, please call the Administration Office while in transit. If the teacher is late, the teacher must either extend the lesson time or re-schedule the lost time. Communication is of the utmost importance.

If a lesson is canceled or forfeited by the student for any reason, the instructor may then schedule another lesson in the absentee time slot. The instructor is under no obligation to notify the parent or student who forfeits the lesson of the substitution. If the original student’s schedule changes and they are able to attend the canceled lesson, it is subject to the instructor’s schedule.

If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, a 30-day written notice will be required. The student will be financially responsible for the lessons that occur during those 30 days from the date notice is given whether or not the student chooses to attend the lessons. A refund will be given for the remainder of lessons that occur after the 30 days if previously paid for, except for the registration fee.

Group Lessons

These classes consist of a fixed schedule of 16 classes per semester for which the student pays in advance. Because of the nature of the group class environment, we will not be able to issue refunds or reimbursements for missed lessons (excused or unexcused) or withdrawal. We are not able to schedule make-up lessons for individuals for any reason.

If the teacher is to be absent on any given class day, the students will be notified ahead of time. A class will be made up at no additional cost to the student if this occurs or if the school has to close due to weather or a church-wide closure event.


At Houston’s First School of Fine Arts we consider recital performance an essential element in the refining of our talent. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate in what the students have learned, and it’s an incredibly affirming time for the students themselves. For these reasons, we consider the recital a requirement for the over-all artistic experience.

The student will come prepared to perform a specific piece assigned by their teacher, usually from memory. The recital date is posted at the beginning of the semester to give families plenty of time to calendar the event. There are no excused absences, and failure to participate will result in a $35 fee. Please make it a priority to attend this wonderful event each semester. We will feature faculty in recitals periodically. Students are required to attend one faculty recital per year.


Regular practice is an essential element in refining our musical/artistic talents. In order to receive the full benefit of instruction, the student is expected to practice daily the same amount as the lesson time (e.g. 30 minute class= 30 minute daily practice). Teachers will make practice recommendations based on the individual student’s needs.

Practice Hints for Parents:

  • Sit down with your child and look at his/her schedule. Choose a set time every day for practice. Insist that this practice time be honored.
  • Provide a practice setting free of distractions such as phones, distraction from siblings, etc.
  • Check your child’s assignment sheet at the beginning of the week to see the teacher’s comments and assignments for the week.
  • Check on your child’s progress throughout the week. Make sure he/she has accurately recorded the amount of practice time each day.
  • Make sure your child finishes any written assignments and is prepared for each lesson/class.

Inclement Weather

The School of Fine Arts follows the inclement weather policy of Houston’s First Baptist Church. Please listen to local TV and radio broadcasts for information about closings. When bad weather develops during the afternoon, the School of Fine Arts reserves the right to cancel classes for the remainder of the day. Please visit the School of Fine Arts page or call the office at 713-957-5889 for cancellation notices or to determine whether a decision to close the building was made during the day. You should also check with your instructor.


Your child’s safety is our priority. Please adhere to all policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment.

No child under the age of 12 (whether student or sibling) may be left without adult supervision in the hallways or other areas of Houston’s First Baptist.

Students under the age of 12 must be dropped off and picked up in the School of Fine Arts reception area by an adult or authorized sibling over the age of 16. Students 12 and over can be released if an authorization form is completed. Parents and children should wait quietly in the School of Fine Arts reception area located upstairs from the main church entrance in the NW corner of the building.

Students are expected to check in and check out with the school administrator for each lesson. For security reasons, if a student is late for any lesson without notification, the school administrator may call the parents to verify the child’s whereabouts.

Security cameras monitor the practice rooms at all times. All teachers will have completed a background and security check.

Grievance Procedure

Please feel free to discuss with your instructor any difficulties that you or your student might be experiencing with lessons. If you feel the situation is not being properly addressed, please contact Eric Belvin, the School of Fine Arts Director, at 713-957-5889 immediately. If possible, put your concerns in writing. The School of Fine Arts is dedicated to making sure your student has a quality and rewarding experience.