Skeptic Series

May 05, 2019

Ms Skeptic 2019

Having faith does not mean an absence of questions or doubts. Rather, our beliefs are strengthened and deepened as we seek answers to questions instead of avoiding them. Jesus said, “Seek, and you will find” (Matthew 7:7) and that’s what we’ll do during this four-week apologetics series with biblical experts while Pastor Gregg is on his sabbatical. As they address common topics and questions, they’ll provide answers you or someone you know might be seeking about the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus.

The series runs June 9-30 at The Loop, Cypress, and Downtown Campuses.
The series runs June 16-July 7 at the Español and Sienna Campuses.

Text SKEPTIC to 41411 to receive a reminder when the series is about to begin.

Meet the Speakers

Jeremiah Johnston

BA, MA, MDiv, PhD

"Does Absolute Truth Exist?"

  • June 9 — The Loop • Cypress • Downtown
  • June 16 — Español • Sienna

Jeremiah Johnston is a New Testament scholar, author, nationally syndicated radio host, apologist, a contributor for Fox News, and ministers internationally as President of Christian Thinkers Society. His passion is working with local churches and pastors in equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe.

Lee Strobel

Author, The Case for Christ

"Does Science Disprove God?"

  • June 16 — The Loop • Cypress • Downtown
  • June 23 — Español • Sienna

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel is the former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and best-selling author of more than twenty books. His classic, The Case for Christ, is a perennial favorite which details his conversion to Christianity. His recent release, The Case for Grace, won the 2016 Nonfiction Book of the Year from the EPCA. For the last twenty-five years, his life’s work has been to share the evidence that supports the truth and claims of Christianity and to equip believers to share their faith with the people they know and love.

Craig A. Evans

BA, MA, MDiv, PhD, DHabil

"Jesus and His World: The Archaeological Evidence"

  • June 23 — The Loop • Cypress • Downtown
  • June 30 — Español • Sienna
New Testament scholar, prolific author, and popular teacher/speaker, Craig A. Evans is well-known for his contribution to work on the Gospels, the Historical Jesus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and archaeology of the New Testament. He regularly appears in documentaries, TV, and radio interviews. He lectures extensively and participates in archaeological digs and Holy Land tours. For decades, his engaging style in live events, teaching, media, and the written word has brought the Bible to life for countless students, popular audiences, and seekers.

Philip Nation

BA, MDiv, DMin

"Is God There and Does It Even Matter? Answers for Atheists, Agnostics, and the ‘Nones’"

  • June 30 — The Loop • Cypress • Downtown
  • July 7 — Español • Sienna

Philip Nation is an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Biblical Studies at HBU. He has written and edited numerous books and articles. He serves as the Director of Global Impact Churches for the Baptist World Alliance. As a frequent speaker in churches and conferences, Philip has trained pastors across the U.S.A. and in places such as Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, Jordan, and Myanmar. He has served as a pastor, minister of education, and church planter.


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