Teachers Share Motivation

Apr 14, 2014

Due to the length of the spring semester this year, the Milestones class schedule that wrapped up on Apr 9 at The Loop Campus left room for us to offer four bonus classes during MidLink on Wednesday evenings before the summer break.

MidLink takes a break on Apr 16, but starting Apr 23 you’ll have the opportunity to grow your soul in one of the following 3-week courses. (On May 14 — the fourth week — the church will gather for a Night of Prayer for our summer mission trips.)

Here, the teachers of these four classes share why they’ve chosen their topics and how God has been preparing them to share with you what He has laid on their hearts.

How To Study Scripture

Wed, Apr 23-May 7 @ 6:30-8p — The Loop Campus (Garden Rm)

Ben Blackwell, Professor of Christianity, HBU

I can easily trace the fundamental change that happened in my spiritual life to the weekend retreat many years ago when I committed to read the Bible daily. It wasn't an easy process, and I didn't understand much of what I read, but that regular time of hearing God's word transformed my heart and my life. As I began to learn ways to study the Bible, that time became even more fruitful. I am happy to help pass along as many Bible study skills as I can so that others can engage God's word for themselves.

Chad Chambers, Adjunct Professor, HBU

I love the Bible, but this statement has not always been true. As a pastor's son, I grew up with the Bible and I believed it at a very young age but I read it with as many stops as starts and struggled to make it real in my own life. I heard others passionately proclaim how it changed their life and wondered what was wrong with me. I listened to preachers explain its truths and thought they must have something I didn't have. I believed it but something was wrong because I did not love it.

It was not until I learned that the point of reading the Bible was not primarily understanding the truths of God but knowing God that my relationship with it began to grow. Scripture is God’s self-revelation we digest to nourish our souls because in the Bible, we encounter God and taste and see that He is good. I can now honestly say I love the Bible because in the Bible I encounter God's love. This course on How to Study the Bible will offer practical steps to help us study the Bible more faithfully but it is my prayer that it will lead us to experience God's love more deeply.

Parenting Like You Mean It!

Wed, Apr 23-May 7 @ 6:30-8p — The Loop Campus (Harbor Rm)

Doug Bischoff, NextGen Minister

There’s a lot of things I want to do well in life. But nothing compares to being a good dad. Messing up as a parent is always on my mind. So, I try to learn everything I can about what my kids need. This isn’t just protecting and providing. Being a dad is much more than putting food on the table and making sure the back door is locked. I want my four kids to love Jesus and love other people. In 25 years of Student Ministry, I saw the “result” of lots of parenting. That shaped the kind of parent I am and the kind of things I teach to parents. The class Parenting Like You Mean It! is what I wish someone would have sat down and shared with me about 10 years back. I thought you parented kids a certain way and that’s the way it was. I never knew that my parenting had to change as my kids grew. Now I know.

Pastoring Your Street

Wed, Apr 23-May 7 @ 6:30-8p — The Loop Campus (Rm 257/258)

Jerrell Altic, Minister of Mobilization

The content for this class comes from the sermon I preached back on December 1 at The Loop. Called Pastoring Your Street, this class is an in-depth look on how to really advance the kingdom of God in your neighborhood. The greatest impact of the Gospel starts with our neighbors and the people that live around us. As we connect with church planters globally through the mission 1:8 strategy they are asking us what our people are doing to reach our city for the Gospel.

Crown Heart World

Wed, Apr 23-May 7 @ 6:30-8p — The Loop Campus (Reception Rm)

Russell Minick, Missions Consultant

The challenge of understanding God's goodness in the face of hardships led to CrownHeartWorld. I was serving a people group in Asia who had never heard of Jesus. When they heard of his life they liked him. But when they heard of his arrest, suffering and death they struggled to understand. They looked into their own stories and assumed that for Jesus to be so good in this life and then suffer so badly, he must have been very wicked in his previous lives. What was worse, when they heard about the resurrection they became frightened. They believed he was rising from the dead as vengeful spirit. None of that was good news for them!

I began to work on ways to concisely present God's Story as a way to interpret their stories. This was particularly important when some of the first believers of their people went through difficult times. As I've come back to the U.S., I realize that many of us here also need clarity. By using CrownHeartWorld as a framework, people are growing in confidence to interpret their personal stories through God's Story. Attending this class will help you devotionally in processing your ongoing life experiences, in discipleship by clarifying how main doctrines fit together as part of a coherent pattern, and in dialogue with people who don't yet understand the gospel but are open to sharing ideas.


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