The New

Jan 26, 2013

Welcome to the new! We've done a lot of work both in the foreground and background of the website to make your experience here even better.


Many pages have moved around to be easier to find but may not be exactly where they used to be. Here are a few important changes to our navigation:

Start Here

General church info, including Times & Locations & Meet Our Team, is located under the Start Here section. This is a perfect place to send guests to learn more about our church as a whole!


Life Bible Studies, Milestones, Missions and Volunteers are grouped under Connect, a great spot for visitors & members to find connecting points within the church and midweek activities.

Life Stages

Age/group based ministries are all located under Life Stages such as Kids, Young Single Adults, Men & Women.

Find Help

All support based ministries like The Counseling Centerg, First HOPE Job Ministry, and Faith Center are under Find Help with names that match the purpose of the ministry (IE: CanHope, our support ministry for those impacted by cancer, is under "Cancer Support")


Video & audio messages and various resources are under Media like before, along with Corner Books & Staff/Volunteer Resources.

Special Interests

All other public services & ministries like FItness & Recreation, School of Fine Arts, and Culinary Services are located at the very top under Special Interests.

Explore the dropdown navigation at the top to aquaint yourself with the new organization and find new pages!



Possibly the greatest features of the new website is the ability to filter content and see only the items you want! Bible Studies, Events, Mission Trips, Volunteer Opportunities, and Messages all feature selectable categories to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Mobile Site

Browsing from your iPhone or Android phone? Check out our Mobile Website! It has the most vital information available in a portable, easy to read format. You can always get back to the full site by using the link in the mobile navigation.


Need a better overview of Upcoming Events? Check out the Calendar View to see all events in a month-by-month view!

Improved Search

Confused by the new navigation? Try out our improved Search! Use the search box at the top of every page to quickly find relevant content, including Events, Bible Studies and Messages!

That's not all!

There are so many new features and updates, we could go on for days! Explore the site yourself and let us know what you think on our Feedback Form.


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Wherever He Leads?

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