Kendra Brunson

Kendra Brunson

MA, LPC-Intern

Kendra Brunson has a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary, and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in History from Texas A&M University. She gained experience in counseling at Dallas Life, New Friends New Life, and the Julianna Poor Memorial Counseling Center. At these locations, she worked with individuals and groups consisting of children, adolescents, and adults. Her areas of understanding include children, adolescents, and family practices through her involvement in student ministry, education, and experience. She has gained further knowledge of substance abuse, trauma, life changes, career development and relationship concerns through the classes offered at Dallas Theological Seminary.

She approaches counseling from a Biblical perspective, focusing towards a more cognitive-behavioral approach; however, she will use other counseling techniques when needed. These techniques including but are not limited to: active listening, homework, prayer, readings, and exercises. I believe that clients have the capacity to resolve their own problems through the aid of the Holy Spirit and counseling. The purpose of counseling is to reach specific goals for individual and relational growth, which are mutually agreed upon by both the client and the counselor. Ultimately, these goals should be consistent with biblical truth.

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