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Joyful Noise Choir Performance


Begins in 01 mo 04 days 17 hrs 38 min

Sunday, Oct 30 @ 8:15, 9:45, & 11:15a Worship Services

Join us on Sunday morning for a special time of worship led by our Joyful Noise Choir! Our preschoolers will dress up in their favorite costumes and sing about how we do not need to be afraid because God is always with us!

Costume Guidelines:

Your child does not have to wear a costume. We will have choir shirts available for those who choose not to dress in costume.

For those who choose to dress up:

-Nothing scary, gory, or gross. If you are in doubt, it’s scary. (Remember these kids are kindergarten or younger)
-NO masks that cover their mouth (We want to hear them sing!) Also, no mask that restricts their vision. They have to be able to see their teachers & fellow students.
-No props — we don’t want anything lost or broken. (Ninjas leave your Shuriken at the dojo, Wonder Woman leave your Lasso of Truth at the Hall of Justice)
-Your child should be able to move freely in their costume. Any costume that needs constant adjusting or the child needs to be reminded to stop pulling/lifting/yanking/removing a component, is probably not the best costume. If your daughter keeps removing her tiara, leave it at home. Everyone will still know she’s Cinderella. If your son can’t leave Batman’s cowl on, leave it at home. Everyone recognizes Batman’s logo.
-The kids will be stepping onto the risers so nothing long or trailing! We don’t want Elsa to lose her gown or Superman to lose his cape. On the same note, nothing too restrictive - mermaid tails are hard to climb risers in.
-Nothing so large it would make standing on the risers awkward. I know those inflatable costumes are hilarious/awesome - but no. They’re too big/loud.
-Church appropriate — no midriffs, nothing demonic, nor suggestive.

If you have questions, feel free to ask below!

Event Details

  • Schedule Sunday, Oct 30 @ 8:15, 9:45, & 11:15a Worship Services
  • Where Sienna Campus