Únete a la Familia (Make It Your Church Orientation)

New Members, Campus-wide

Empieza en 22 days 09 hrs 12 min

¡Te invitamos a asistir a la próxima Orientación de Únete a la familia!

En esta reunión, aprenderás sobre la historia, doctrina, ministerios disponibles, maneras de conectarte y lo que significa ser miembro de Houston's First. Disfruta de un almuerzo mientras conoces a otras personas que también son nuevas en Houston's First.

Para participar, inscribete en linea.

Joins us to learn what it means to join the Houston's First family in Christ! In this orientation we will share the mission and vision of Houston's First Baptist Church. Lunch will be provided. Register to confirm your participation. This is a perfect opportunity to invite your Spanish speaking friends & family.

To attend, fill out the form and you'll be added to the list. For more information download the Make It Your Church Orientation Booklet.

Detalles del evento

  • Datedom, feb 16, 2020
  • Time 12:30–1:45pm
  • Where Spanish Campus (The Chapel)
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