Shuttle Parking Updates

mar 02, 2020

Construction along N. Post Oak by The Loop Campus will effect shuttle parking options on Sunday mornings beginning Sun, Mar 8, until further notice. Here are the changes being made, and suggested shuttle parking alternatives:


  • Parking in the 710 N. Post Oak and 720 N. Post Oak garages is not available.
    • These are the two garages on the east side of N. Post Oak where shuttle busses used to stop on a continuous route between there and the church building.


With the above garages not available, consider these shuttle parking options:

  • Marq*E Entertainment Center (preferred alternative)
    • Park in the garage in the back (north) side of the Marq*E
    • Board the shuttle by the designated "Shuttle Stop" signage between the garage and the entertainment center
    • Three routes will be available with signage on each shuttle indicating its destination:
      • West — Main Foyer entrance
      • East — Garden Room entrance
      • South — Fitness & Recreation Center (FRC) entrance
    • Shuttles are available from 6:30a-2p each Sunday
  • The Forum garage
    • Located behind The Forum tower (to the left of The Forum on the map)
    • Park on only the roof and exit the garage on foot using the stairs or elevator facing The Forum tower
    • Walk to the church across the south parking lot
  • 701 N. Post Oak garage
    • Located behind the 701 N. Post Oak office building.
    • Park on either the lower or upper levels, except in "No Parking" areas
    • Exit the garage in the back (west side) and use the sidewalk leading to the south parking lot where you can then walk to the church
Shuttle Parking Map March 2020

Why Use Shuttle Parking?

Shuttle parking is an essential aspect of our ministry at The Loop Campus. By parking in the available garages, you are making spaces available on our property for guests and those with limited mobility. Having a place to park — or finding a full lot — can make the difference between somebody hearing the Gospel that morning or not. So, consider shuttle parking one easy way you can help spread the Good News!

Additional Benefits

Beyond the missional impact of making room for people to attend church, there are other benefits of using shuttle parking on Sunday mornings at The Loop:

  • Protection from the elements. Your vehicle is kept cool and dry in the shade of the garage. If you park at the Marq*E, you can ride an air-conditioned shuttle to and from the church back to the garage.
  • Protect from criminal activity (mobile security). The Marq*E provides security personnel who patrol the garage on a regular basis.
  • Shorter distance to and from your vehicle. Parking at the Marq*E garage requires just a short walk to and from your vehicle to the shuttle pick-up point. Then, the shuttle drops you off at the doors of the church!
  • Avoid major traffic jams around the church. Parking at the Marq*E places your vehicle closer to less-congested roads as you make your way home from church. Let our shuttle drivers navigate the traffic for you!


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