Faith Martinez


Qualifications: I am in the process of completing my Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC) degree at Houston Baptist University. I have received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Religion from Lee University.

Experience: I have completed Level I: Bridging the Couple Chasm presented by The Gottman Relationship Institute. I was elected and served as a Chaplain for a social service organization at Lee University. Also, I have led a women’s small group at Houston’s First Baptist Church.

Nature of Counseling: My approach to counseling is Biblically founded with a Christian perspective. In addition to this approach, I may also use Cognitive-Behavioral or other psychotherapy approaches that may be beneficial to the client and within my areas of training. The purpose of counseling is to reach specific goals for the client’s individual and relational growth. These goals are mutually agreed upon by both the client and the counselor. My hope is to partner with the client, through a therapeutic relationship, during counseling sessions to work towards these goals. A client benefits most from actively participating within and outside of counseling sessions in the pursuit of these goals.