Car Care Ministry

Men, Women

Begins in 09 mo 09 days 15 hrs 34 min

The Car Care Ministry (CCM) at Houston's First is dedicated to providing automobile service and minor repairs for single women whose budgets may be stretched to the point that maintaining transportation for work, family needs and everyday life becomes a heavy burden.

Men, want to serve as a volunteer mechanic or help at a CCM event?

Men, without your help this ministry will be ineffective. In order to serve with the CCM, please register online below and specify your skills and any tools you are able to bring.

All CCM events held at the church are for light maintenance including: oil changes, fluid checks, air filters, brakes, and assessments. CCM events held at The Auto Doc will be for larger repairs.

Women, need work done on your vehicle?

The ministry provides free labor and honest advice, and each woman is asked to purchase any part(s) being installed. While not every car problem can be solved by CCM, we can help determine a plan of action that will sometimes result in cheaper repairs. It is very difficult and usually impossible to “diagnose” car problems over the phone. Please register and come to a CCM event for a car assessment.

Event Details

  • DateSat, Sep 28, 2019
  • Time 8:00am–12:00pm
  • Where The Loop Campus (South Parking Lot)