Parenting Seminar

Featuring a culture presentation by Axis

Begins in 04 days 11 hrs 35 min

Sun, Aug 27 @ 9:15a, 10:45a, and 6:30p
Come to one of the above sessions during your Life Bible Study hour

Join us for a Parenting Seminar featuring a LIVE presentation for parents, grandparents, singles, and anyone interested in the culture facing today's kids!

As you know our kids are growing up in a difficult and often anti-Christian culture. It can be hard to know how to navigate this journey.

  • Transgendered kids at 3 and 4 years old is not unheard of – how will you deal with this question when your kids come home from daycare?
  • The AVERAGE age of first exposure to pornography is now 10 years old – are you doing everything you can to keep your children safe?
  • In Canada as well as parts of Europe, the idea of teaching a biblical view of life is being considered a hate crime and child abuse – what will you do if we face that in the US?

Be part of this great training opportunity to learn more about the culture your kids are growing up in and more importantly, ideas on what you can do as a parent or grandparent to keep kids safe. This live and engaging presentation will be given by one of the leading Christian media organizations in the country – Axis. They provide lots of resources to families on living out biblical values in a tough world.

Since 2007, Axis has spoken to over 120,000 students, teachers, and parents at schools and churches throughout North America, helping the next generation to think clearly and critically about what they believe. Axis partners with people like Ravi Zacharias, Focus on the Family, Sean McDowell, Lee Strobel and others.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers as well – everyone is welcome – no registration and no cost for this event!

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