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Welcome Back to First Kids

The children’s ministry of Houston’s First is so excited about seeing and connecting with our kids and their families. We continue to work hard to ensure that kids and their families are safe and protected while attending First Kids programming.

To reduce risk, unauthorized adults are not allowed inside the ministry suite. After check-in parents are encouraged to say their goodbyes at the entrance doors. Once children enter the suite, they will be directed to their assigned class. Pick-up happens at designated pick-up locations outside the suite. Parents will return the child’s unique pick-up tag (received at check-in) and kids will then be matched with their family.

We offer 1 hour of programming* for older kids (grades 3-5) and 2 hours of programming** for younger kids (grades 1-2).

*1 Hour Programming (for grades 3-5) refers to one of the Life Bible Study hours (9:15, 10:45, or 6:30). After that 1 hour, kids will need to be picked up. We encourage older children to attend worship with their family during the second hour.

**2 Hour Programming (for grades 1-2) refers to LBS and the additional hour of Clubhouse Worship for Younger Kids. 1st and 2nd Grades will attend LBS at the same hour as their parents and then have the option to attend Clubhouse Worship the other hour. Kids who attend 2 hours of programming will be transferred by staff from one hour to the next.

CHECK-IN for all First Kids events is located at the southwest corner of the 3rd floor. Designated PICK-UP locations (1st & 2nd/3rd-5th) are also on the 3rd floor.

NOTE: Wednesday programming for kids (KidLink) will resume on August 25 with two hours (High 5 Choir and KidLink Discipleship).

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