Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my camper will be safe?

Safety is the greatest thing we value for your camper. Although we are a large and open facility, we take the highest precautions protecting your loved one. We require designated pickups to show identification to pick up campers. Our staff are trained for child safety, and we maintain state staffer-to-camper ratios (often better) at all times. We are constantly keeping counts throughout the day as we rotate to various activities. The church has a full-time security team and you will often see security guards roaming our facilities. There are cameras positioned throughout the building as well.

What are “Specialty Camps”, and which one would be good for my child?

Specialty Camps are daily activities for your child organized and run by our staff in the 10-11:30a part of our schedule. The specific camps vary from week to week, and at registration you will get to pick from the ones available that week. Specialty Camps are included as part of your tuition, but spaces for each activity is limited. Each of the activities are for any camper, as our staff will divide within the Specialty Camps for age-appropriate activities, drills, and games. For example, your 1st grader won’t be playing the same game of Flag Football as a 6th grader (and vice-versa). For a full list of Specialty Camps, please check the Daily Schedule tab.

There are a few exceptions:

  • The Swimming Specialty Camps will have an extra charge added on to the tuition, because it is led by real swim instructors and not our staff. This SC is optional.
  • The School of Fine Arts Music Camps will have an extra charge added to the tuition, as they are led by music instructors. This SC is optional.
  • The Men and Women of God Camps will have age-restrictions, respectively, as the activities are for 3rd-and up levels.

How much down time do the campers have?

Daycation and Dunamai are high-energy and the daily schedule moves quickly. However, there are plenty of opportunities for your camper to rest. The morning and afternoon free times, lunch, quiet time, bible study, and snack all provide great opportunities for campers to sit and rest.

What is the age range of the staffers?

All staffers will have completed high school, and most are college students who love the Lord and love kids, with a desire to serve in the summer. We also employ several teachers who give up their summer off-time to be a part of our camps. All staffers will be CPR/First Aid certified and go through a week-long staff training before the summer.

Will my camper be in large groups for the activities?

The campers will be in large groups for a limited amount of activities. As a matter of fact, most of the camper’s schedule is in smaller groups. The Large Group Games and Free Times would be larger groups, however, with plenty of supervision.

When can I register my camper? Is there a waitlist?

Our registration opens right after Spring Break each year. We do tend to fill up rather quickly, but we do have a waitlist option available. If a specific Specialty Camp fills up, it is better to choose a different one just to make sure you are registered for that week. If you have questions and for more info on the waitlist, e-mail Daycation@houstonsfirst.org.

What does tuition cover? Are there extra fees?

Your weekly tuition covers the cost of camp, Specialty Camp (Swimming and SOFA being the exceptions), daily snack, one t-shirt per camper, the field trip (if one is scheduled for that week), and all supplies for games and crafts.

It does not cover lunch, which can be brought from home or can be purchased from the HFBC Café at the front desk each day before 9a, or extra t-shirts ($5 each, and only required on field trips).

Additionally, there is a one-time $50 Admissions Fee, which provides a family membership to the Fitness and Recreation Center. For more information on the FRC and memberships, click here.

Do you accommodate campers with special needs?

If your camper has a special medical need, please contact our office prior to enrollment to see if Daycation would be a good fit for your camper.

What should my camper bring or not bring with them?

Themselves! We do ask that campers wear close-toed athletic or tennis shoes as they will be running around. They are also welcome to bring a water bottle; however, we do have water fountains available throughout the facility. We ask that they not bring toys from home. Not because we don’t want them to have fun, but quite the opposite! We would hate for them to lose anything or miss out on the fun activities they can experience at our camp! Books are perfectly fine for Free Time. We do have a lost and found, but it is cleaned out at the end of each week.

When can I drop my camper(s) off, and when is the best time to pick them up?

Complete flexibility is one of the best parts about Daycation and Dunamai! You are able to drop off and pick up your camper(s) any time during our business hours (7a-6p). You could even drop off and pick up multiple times throughout the day. If you are in a rush, call the front desk and let them know the situation, and we will have your camper ready to go by the time you arrive!