The Engaged Couples Workshop is a program designed to help couples take the right steps in preparing for marriage; diving into the real issues of marriage and helping couples see what struggles they might face in their life together. To get started, follow the steps below.

1. Register Online

Sign up for an Upcoming Workshop:

Cost is $150/couple for Houston's First members, $220/couple for non-members

2. SYMBIS Assessment

Once registered, we will immediately send you and your fiancé our SYMBIS assessment which is to be taken online. SYMBIS is a Les and Leslie Parrott assessment; it stands for “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”. The SYMBIS will reveal potential strength areas and challenge areas of the couple.

3. Schedule Your PRE-Workshop Counselor Session

After you complete the SYMBIS Assessment, you’ll be contacted by the Counseling Center to schedule your PRE-Workshop Counselor Session with one of the counselors at Houston’s First. At this PRE-Workshop meeting, the counselor will review your SYMBIS results and discuss the Biblical foundation of the covenant of marriage. You’ll explore how your individual relationships with Christ form the foundation of a Christ-centered marriage.

This PRE-Workshop counselor session (about an hour in length) is included at no additional cost to you (it’s part of your Engaged Couples Workshop fee).

4. Attend Workshop

This one and one-half day (Friday evening and all day Saturday) Workshop, held in the Counseling Center (6th floor), dives into the real issues of marriage. Using a variety of facilitators, we’ll discuss what the Bible says about first-year issues.

You’ll have “office time” with your spouse-to-be to further discussions. Workshops are held throughout the year. Approximately 11 couples participate in the workshop—a great opportunity to meet and fellowship with other alter-bound couples.

The 6 Modules Covered during the Workshop:

  1. Spiritual Oneness
  2. Roles and Expectation
  3. Communication
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Finances
  6. Sexual Intimacy

5. Schedule Final Counselor Session After the Workshop

After you complete the Engaged Couples Workshop, you’ll have a final session with your counselor in the Counseling Center at Houston’s First Baptist Church. The agenda for the one-hour meeting with your professionally trained counselor includes:

  • Continued review of your SYMBIS.
  • Discuss your experiences during the Engaged Couples Workshop
  • Any issues you’d like to discuss with the counselor

The counselor will provide feedback and give you two solid guidance to start a rock-solid, Christ-centered marriage. You’ll also receive a certificate giving you at $60 discount on your Texas marriage license!

*Engaged Couples Workshop Cancellation Policy

Our Workshop is in heavy demand. If you register for an upcoming Workshop and cancel within 7 days of the Workshop (“7-day cancellation period"), you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.If we are able to find a replacement couple, you will not be charged the $100. You will not be registered for a subsequent Workshop until you pay the $100 fee (if applicable).

If you cancel your registration before the 7-day cancellation period, you will be refunded the remaining balance after SYMBIS fees ($30) and any counseling sessions utilized ($50/session) are deducted. If you cancel your registration within the 7-day cancellation period (and a replacement is not found), you will be refunded the remaining balance after the cancellation fee ($100), SYMBIS fees ($30), and any counseling session utilized ($50/session) are deducted.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at 713.335.6469 or