Gather at The Loop Campus or online on Sundays at 9:15a, 11a, or 5p.
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How much does it cost?

All lessons at The School of Fine Arts are private lessons. Lessons are either 30 min for $40, 45 min for $60, or 60 min for $80.

Are there any other charges?

Yes. A $25 annual registration fee is due at the start of our Fall Semester. It is per family and is non-refundable.

A recital fee of $35 is due each semester per student, even if the student does not perform at a recital and is non-refundable.

Students may need to purchase music or supplies at the recommendation of their teachers.

Can I take multiple instruments / lessons?

Yes. Several students here at The School of Fine Arts are taking lessons for more than one instrument.

How often do lessons occur?

Lessons are generally taught once a week, but depending on the skill level, some students meet twice a week or have a longer lesson.

What happens if I can’t be at a lesson?

If we receive a notice of at least 24 hours in advance, a makeup lesson will be scheduled at a later date or will be taken care of during our Make-Up Week. If no notice is received, with the exception of emergency or illness, no makeup lesson will be scheduled, and the missed lesson will be forfeited.

Where is The School of Fine Arts located?

The School of Fine Arts is located in the Rehearsal Hall on the second floor of Houston’s First Baptist Church - Loop Campus at 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024

Can I have a trial lesson?

Yes. Please call us at 713-957-5889 or email us at