Gather at The Loop Campus or Online on Sundays at 9:15a, 11a, or 5p.
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Off-Campus Adult Life Bible Studies

The Loop,Adults Late 30s–Mid 50s,Adults 73+,Downtown,Adults 50+,Sienna,Adults


We have been offered opportunities by several facilities to provide spiritual ministries for their residents on a regular basis. These include those in assisted living, rehab, and various "need" groups.This avenue may not always be open, but now they are eager for our ministry of sharing God's Word. We need the involvement of Life Bible Study classes, groups of friends and of course, individuals, to accomplish this task. Your help is greatly needed.

  • When
  • Where Off Campus
  • AreaThe Loop, Adults Late 30s–Mid 50s, Adults 73+, Downtown, Adults 50+, Sienna, Adults

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