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Roadmap To Reunion

How Houston's First will gather in person again

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JUNE 27 & 28 • JULY 4 & 5

As we continue on our Roadmap To Reunion, it's time to pull over for a short period.

In response to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in the greater Houston area and advisories from local and state leaders related to large group gatherings, Houston's First is temporarily suspending in-person worship services and Life Bible Studies at all of our campuses for the weekends of June 27 & 28 and July 4 & 5.

Church leaders leaned on the same decision-making model that was used to begin our in-person services in late May, taking into consideration the leadership of the Lord, counsel of officials, and the comfort level of our church family.

While we're pulled over on those two weekends, you can still gather online for worship services on Sundays at 9a, 11a, and 5p.

  • On Sun, June 28, Pastor Gregg has a message called "Yet! We Have Hope!" from Lamentations 3. This will be his last message before his annual summer sabbatical.
  • On Sun, July 5, we'll welcome Dr. Robert Morgan, author of many books including 100 Bible Verses That Made America. Dr. Morgan's message is the first in our summer message series — The WORD.
  • Visit our Sunday Toolkit for resources to enable you to fully engage online on Sundays, including links to our streaming platforms, downloadable Message Notes, worship playlists, online giving, and more.
  • You can also join in with many of our Life Bible Studies via Zoom, Facebook Live, or other platforms. Go to the CONNECT page for information on how you can connect with a Life Bible Study at your campus.

As with any road trip, we're still headed to our ultimate destination of having everybody together again on campus. For now, we just need to pull over for this brief stop along the way!

First Stop:

The Houston's First family has gathered online since the quarantine began in mid-March — for Sunday worship services, Nights of Prayer, Life Bible Studies, and special events. On May 30 & 31 we had Reunion Weekend — the first stop on the Roadmap To Reunion. That weekend, in-person worship services returned to each campus while we also continued to worship online, too.

About Our In-Person Worship ServicesWhy That Date?FAQs

Comm Roadmap To Reunion Weekend Schedule

About our In-Person
Worship Services

In-person worship services returned to each campus the weekend of May 30 & 31. The following modified schedule is in place each week for the foreseeable future. See the FAQs for more about our worship services.

  • The Loop — Sundays @ 9a • 11a • 5p
  • Cypress — Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a
  • Downtown — Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a
  • Sienna — Saturdays @ 5p • 7p, Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a • 12:30p

Impacts of Social Distancing

Seating in the worship services is limited for now to allow for social distancing. Therefore, we're asking you to save a seat at the worship service you plan to attend each week.


Houston's First is following other recommended social distancing guidelines during our in-person services. See the FAQs below for additional information.

Online Worship

Worship services continue to be available online every Sunday at 9a, 11a, and 5p.

  • Visit our Sunday Toolkit for tools you can use to engage with Houston's First online on Sundays.
  • See the FAQs below for more about our worship services.

Life Bible Studies

Life Bible Studies continue to meet online. No date has been set for when these groups will begin gathering in person on our campuses.

  • Find how you can connect with your Life Bible Study online on your campus' CONNECT page.
  • Each Life Bible Study group can decide on their own if they want to gather in person off campus while following social distancing guidelines and other necessary precautions.

Why That Date?

Pastor Gregg and church leaders sought the counsel of officials, the comfort level of our people, and the leadership of the Lord as they made decisions about when to return to in-person services.

Counsel of Officials

  • The weekend of May 30 & 31 was 30 days away from Gov. Abbott's initial announcement about the Open Texas plan. By the end of May, the plan was two weeks into Phase 2 of the plan and on the cusp of even more aspects of Texas' economy and daily life reopening.
  • Pastor Gregg participates in weekly Zoom meetings with pastors of 15-20 Houston-area churches. Among those churches, five planned to open on May 31 and seven on June 7.
  • Executive Pastor David Self participates in Zoom meetings with his peers at other Southern Baptist megachurches around the nation to discuss the process and timing of reopening.

Comfort Level of Our People

  • Over 4,500 people responded to the churchwide Roadmap To Reunion survey conducted Apr 26-30. Responses were remarkably consistent across the board, regardless of demographics or campus. You can review the results of the survey here.
  • Church leaders had ongoing conversations with Deacon leaders, staff members, and Life Bible Study leaders to gauge their readiness and thoughts about reopening.

Leadership of The Lord

  • Sun, May 31, was Pentecost Sunday — the day marking the birth of the early church in Acts 2 and the rebirth of our church as we begin to come together once again!
  • Church leaders, Deacons, and staff members were prayerful throughout this season in the life of our church and continue to be so as we follow our Roadmap To Reunion.
  • We do not want to be ahead of God's will because of our desire to come together, nor behind His will because of fears or doubts!


Who Can AttendSocial DistancingHygiene/Protection
Worship ServicesLife Bible StudiesNextGen MinistriesOffice/Facility Hours

Who Can Attend

  1. Who can attend in-person worship services?
    Anybody who is not showing known symptoms of COVID-19 is welcome to attend. We encourage people who might be more vulnerable to the virus to make prayerful and wise decisions about what is best for their personal health. That applies to those 65 and older and those with underlying health issues. The State of Texas provides these health protocols for church attendees to consider.
  2. Are senior adults welcome?
    We want these members of the Houston's First family to be safe, and the CDC's recommendations and those extended by the State of Texas are for people age 65 and older to stay home as much as possible. Because of our love for our senior adults, we suggest those age 65 and older to wait to return to in-person worship on our campuses. That said, Houston’s First will not stop anybody from attending if they do not show symptoms of illness.
  3. Are children welcome?
    Yes! Children are welcome if they are not showing known symptoms of COVID-19. No childcare or programming is currently being provided at any of our campuses; therefore, all children must sit with you in the worship service. Strollers will need to be kept outside the Worship Centers and not the aisles due to fire code requirements.

Social Distancing

  1. How will seating be managed in the worship services?
    Since seating capacity is reduced based on local or state guidelines, Houston's First is ensuring that proper distancing is maintained in the Worship Centers at each of our campuses. Part of that process is asking you to save a seat at the worship service you plan to attend! This will help the church manage the number of people attending each worship service. Visit the Save A Seat page for details.

Hygiene / Protection

  1. Are masks required?
    You are encouraged to wear a mask while on campus. Once you are seated in the Worship Center, you may choose to wear your mask or not during the service. When we adjourn, you are encouraged to wear your mask while leaving the Worship Center and the church building. Masks will be available as you enter the church, or you can bring your own. All volunteers and staff members will be required to wear masks.
  2. Is hand sanitizer provided?
    Yes, hand sanitizer is available at each of our campuses, and attendees are encouraged to use it. You may also provide your own.
  3. Are the facilities cleaned between services?
    Yes. DTK, our cleaning services provider, has a process in place for cleaning the worship center at each campus before and after each worship service.

Worship Services

  1. What is the worship service schedule?
    Our in-person worship services at each campus are available as follows:
    • The Loop — Sundays @ 9a • 11a • 5p (Houston's First en Español — Sundays @ 1p)
    • Cypress — Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a
    • Downtown — Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a
    • Sienna — Saturdays @ 5p • 7p, Sundays @ 9:15a • 11a • 12:30p
  2. What are the worship services like?
    At The Loop Campus, Pastor Gregg Matte will speak live at 9a, 11a, and 5p. At the Cypress, Downtown, and Sienna Campuses on Sunday, Pastor Gregg's message will be linked by video from The Loop. The Saturday evening services at the Sienna Campus will have a live message from Campus Pastor Malcolm Marshall based on the same scripture and topic as Pastor Gregg's Sunday messages. All campuses will have live worship leaders in each of their worship services.
  3. Are worship services still offered online?
    Yes, worship services continue to be offered online each Sunday at 9a, 11a, and 5p. They are streamed on our three platforms — Church Online, Facebook, and YouTube. Visit the Sunday Toolkit for links and other resources to help you engage with Houston's First each Sunday.
  4. When does Houston's First en Español meet?
    Houston's First en Español meets in person at 1p in the Chapel at The Loop Campus. Their services continue to be available online on Facebook and YouTube.

Life Bible Studies

  1. When will Life Bible Studies begin meeting in person again?
    No date has been set for when these groups will start meeting again on our campuses.
  2. Are Life Bible Studies able to meet on their own?
    Each Life Bible Study group can decide on their own if they want to gather in person off campus while following social distancing guidelines and other necessary precautions.
  3. Are Life Bible Studies available online?
    Yes, most of our Life Bible Study groups have been meeting online since March via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, or other platforms. Visit the CONNECT page for your campus to find information about their respective Life Bible Studies. If you need assistance connecting with a class, use the phone number or email provided on your CONNECT page.

NextGen Ministries

  1. How can Daycation and First Baptist Academy Primary School meet at The Loop Campus but NextGen Ministries cannot have Life Bible Studies on Sundays?
    There are four reasons why they can meet but NextGen cannot at this time:
    1. Both Daycation and FBA Primary School are full-week all-day childcare opportunities that allow parents to go back to work. They are therefore much more essential and quite simply, not an option some families can refuse.
    2. Both generate revenue and therefore have a fully-paid staff that is ready and available to work. Although we do use some paid teachers in our Preschool, most of the Sunday ministry is only possible because of volunteers.
    3. Daycation particularly has a young work force (mostly high school and college-age kids) who are not among the more vulnerable populations in terms of the impacts of the virus.
    4. Both programs happen through the week affording them the opportunity to social distance using a larger footprint than we have available on a Sunday.

Office/Facility Hours

  1. Are church offices open?
    Houston's First's offices are NOT open to the public at this time. If you need to meet with a staff member, contact him or her to make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Is the Fitness & Recreation Center open?
    The Fitness & Recreation Center (FRC) at The Loop Campus reopened on Mon, June 1. Learn more about the FRC here.