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Job Openings

Openings updated as of March 1, 2023

Thank you for your interest in joining the Houston's First staff! As opportunities at the church become available, we will post them here for you to prayerfully consider or to share with others who might be interested. Reach out to the contact person listed for each position with any questions you might have. (For openings at First Baptist Academy, visit their Careers page here.)

How To Apply

To apply for a position at Houston's First, send the contact person your resume. If the hiring manager invites you to be interviewed, the job application will be shared after the initial interview and that will start the formal hiring process.

Mobilization and HUB Associate

Posted: Mar 1, 2023

As part of Downtown staff team, ensure alignment of Mobilization and HUB departments to the mission, vision, strategy and values of Houston’s First. View full job description here.
  • Office Location: Downtown Campus
  • Department: Mobilization & Students
  • Status: Full-Time Exempt
  • Contact:, Downtown Minister of Campus Development

Missionary Care Administrative Assistant

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Under the guidance of the Missionary Care Director, the Missionary Care Administrative Assistant assists the GO Global Care Ministry at Houston's First Baptist Church (HFBC) and its Missionary Partnerships. This role collaborates with the lay leadership team called the Missionary Care Team consisting of licensed counselors, business executives, and returned global workers. View full job description here.

Legacy 68:5 Associate

Posted: Feb 14, 2023

The Legacy 68:5 Associate, together with the Director and Legacy 68:5 lay leadership team, is responsible for the execution of all initiatives related to Orphan Care at Houston’s First Baptist Church. The Legacy 685 Associate should have a deep understanding of the complexities that comprise the global perspective on institutionalization and the complexities of caring for children in orphanages. Legacy 68:5 is unique as it functions largely utilizing lay leadership, the OVC Associate will play a crucial role in leading and investing in the Orphan and Vulnerable Child Care Team. View full job description here.

Employee Teacher

Posted: July 28, 2022

Minister to the children of Cypress and their families through providing quality care and programming. View full job description here.

FRC Front Desk Employee

Posted: July 25, 2022

Assist the Front Desk Manager in carrying out the necessary functions to protect and promote all aspects of the Fitness & Recreation Ministry of the church. View full job description here.

FRC Member Services Manager

Posted: July 22, 2022

Under the supervision of the Associate Director of Fitness & Recreation, the Member Services Manager is responsible for assisting fitness operations for the Fitness and Recreation Ministries. View full job description here.

  • Office Location: The Loop Campus
  • Department: Fitness & Recreation
  • Status: Full-Time Exempt
  • Contact:, Associate Director of Fitness & Recreation

Legacy 68:5 Clinical Director/Therapist

Posted: July 14, 2022

The Clinical Director/Therapist is responsible for implementing day-to-day holistic services to families and children as well as supervising all clinicians. The Clinical Director/Therapist ensures services provided to each client are holistic in nature ensuring that the greatest healing is sought through creativity, innovation and cutting-edge services while also providing clinical services to clients. View full job description here.

  • Office Location: Faith Center–Spring Branch
  • Department: Legacy 68:5 Adoption, Foster & Orphan Care Ministry
  • Status: Full-Time Exempt
  • Contact:, Legacy 68:5 Director

Special Needs Support

Posted: July 28, 2022

Minister to the children with special needs of Cypress and their families through providing quality care and programming. View full job description here.

First Baptist Academy

First Baptist Academy is located at The Loop Campus of Houston's First. Serving students from Early Childhood through 8th grade, the school's mission is "to equip students with the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD while developing their character, intellect, and potential to explore, create, challenge, and lead." For a list of current opportunities at FBA and to apply directly with them, visit their Careers page here.