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The vision of Houston's First is to be a relevant biblical community, with relevant meaning to have the passion, desire, and ability to build the necessary bridges to move people from culture to Christ.

No matter in what stage of life you might find yourself, society always has something to say about how you should act, what you should value, how to define success, and more. There is no shortage of voices attempting to influence how we live our lives.

So, we can build a bridge by showing how God's Word relates to each and every stage of life we go through. The Bible is not a relic from a previous age. It's "living and effective" (Hebrews 4:12) and filled with His truth and wisdom — providing what we need to navigate each season of life.

In the #life message series, Pastor Gregg Matte will look at what the Bible has to say for students, singles, married couples, parents, mid-lifers, and more. As he says, the series will provide truth for us and tools for others — you'll see how God's Word speaks to your season of life, and you'll see how you can encourage and minister to others through God's Word in their seasons of life.

The #life series begins on Sun, Sep 22, and runs through Sun, Nov 17.

What About Your One?

During the "Who's Your One?" message series, we were challenged to identify one person with whom we could share our faith. We recognized there are millions of people who do not know Jesus as their Savior, and we cannot each reach them all — but we can reach one.

Is your one a student? Single? Married? A parent? In mid-life? Invite him or her to the #life series, or share the respective messages with them later. Consider this one more tool you can use to reach your one!