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Midnight Madness is our annual Life Bible Study leadership training. We take leadership very seriously and offer monthly leadership meetings, Milestones classes, Age Division training, and individual training opportunities but Midnight Madness is our premier leadership training for all age groups annually. It is the one time we come together as leaders from all age groups and all leadership positions to sharpen our focus on the purpose and role of Life Bible Study and specifically focus on how each leader can serve in their role with excellence.

Midnight Madness 2017

Keynote Speaker — Neal Jeffrey

Neal, former All-American quarterback at Baylor University and quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, learned the meaning of overcoming early in life. A stutterer since childhood, Neal had to find a way to “get through what he couldn’t get over” to achieve his lifelong dreams.

Today, he is one of America’s most powerful and passionate communicators, speaking for corporate conferences, national conventions, sales organizations, sports teams, school districts, student groups and churches from coast to coast. Everywhere he goes he inspires audiences to go “higher, swifter, stronger”in the critical areas of life. In addition to a busy speaking schedule, Neal serves as a speaking/ teaching minister at the 28,000-member Prestonwood Church of Dallas, Texas, where he has served for over 25 years. He and his wife, Sheila, live in the Dallas area and have three grown children.

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  1. 27

    Be the Servant God Calls You to Be: A Christian Man's Manifesto

    Jan 27, 2017 Neal Jeffrey

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    Hospitality 101: Becoming a Warm and Welcoming Class

    Jan 27, 2017 Edd Hendee,Nina Hendee

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    Cultivating a Vision for Multiplying Your Class

    Jan 27, 2017 Josh Hunt

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    Building an Intentional Class

    Jan 27, 2017 Josh Hunt

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    Understanding the Development of Healthy Sexuality

    Jan 27, 2017 Erin Robison

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    Cuddles to Connections

    Jan 27, 2017 Alane Atchley

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    Compare and Share

    Jan 27, 2017 Cindy Morgan,Ron Zimmerman,Joe Rogers

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    Relevant Ministry to Children in Single Parent Families

    Jan 27, 2017 Pam Kanaly

  9. 27

    Understanding and Leading Preteens (10–12 years old)

    Jan 27, 2017 Mike Harvey

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    What's In Your Toolbox? Men's Mentoring, Generation to Generation

    Jan 27, 2017 Jim Jones

  11. 27

    Nothing Stopping Us: Unleashing Your Class to Evangelize

    Jan 27, 2017 Dr. Bruce Fong

  12. 27

    Handling Ministry Needs: Where to Go and What to Do When Difficulties Arise

    Jan 27, 2017 Rick Jones,Peggy Jones