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Milestones Classes

Framework for Discipleship

Milestones is a framework for adult discipleship designed to equip people through 6 and 12-week courses held throughout the week. Milestones allow for a Pathway of Discipleship that, when combined with involvement in Life Bible Study, provides opportunity for spiritual growth.


The Book of 1 John

Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 12-1p — Rm 217
Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 6:30-7:45p — Rm 217

For: Adults all ages
Facilitator: Leon Brooks III, Campus Pastor

We will go through the book of 1 John, verse by verse.

Untangle Your Emotions

Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 6:30-7:45p — Rm 213

For: Adults all ages
Facilitator: Jakora Snow, College and Young Adults Director

What does the Bible tell us about our emotions?

Do we have control over feeling sad? Feeling angry? Feeling happy?

What do we do when we can’t interrupt a feeling?

Does the Bible really tell us that our emotions are untrustworthy?

After years of hiding and denying her own painful emotions, bestselling author and Bible teacher Jennie Allen decided to ask these vulnerable questions. In doing so, she discovered emotions are not our enemy. Emotions are designed by God as gifts to connect us to Himself and to the people we love.

Join [us] on a journey to a healthier relationship with emotions and a deeper connection with God through a biblical study of how God made us to feel.

Book purchased is not required nor needed to attend class.


Wednesdays, April 3–May 1 @ 6:30-7:45p — Rm 220

For: Adults all ages
Facilitator: Peter Lee, Minister of Campus Development

God created each of us for a purpose. This course will help you discover how God has uniquely designed you to be a difference maker among your family, friends, colleagues, and community – all for the sake of Jesus’ name. Topics include personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and life experiences.

To get the most out of PLACE, participants are highly encouraged to complete the PLACE Assessment before the first session begins on Wed April 3.

You will receive instructions for the assessment once you register.

Note: PLACE is a 5-session course.
Cost: $10 includes Participant Book (to be received at first session)

Fresh Fruit: A series on the fruit of the spirit (Students)

Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 6:30–7:45p — Rm 327

For: Students 6th–12th Grade

This series will go through each of the nine different “fruits of the spirit” that we find in God’s Word. As we further study and discuss what these fruits are and what they look like, students will learn why it is important to bear this fruit in their own lives, as well as how to look for this fruit to be shown in others. These characteristics are what separates God’s children, those who are faithfully following Him, from those who are living for the world. In this series, students will evaluate their own lives and, if they are bearing the “fruit” of the world, learn how to instead reflect the fruits of the spirit.

KidLink: Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills (Children)

Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 6:30-7:45p — Rm 300

For: K–5th Grade

Come dive into the thrill of learning God's word through games and fun. Your child will also learn books of the Bible, scripture memorization, and even memorize key passages that will allow them to grow and make connections in God's word.

AWANA Cubbies (Preschool)

Wednesdays, April 3–May 8 @ 6:30–7:45p — Preschool Suite (First Level)

For: Babies–PreK

Our preschoolers will journey with Cubbie bear as he visits his friend, Timothy, at Apple Acres. They will hear key Biblical truths in God's love. The best part is that they will learn scripture they can memorize on their age level, which will set a foundation for their faith.


Many of our Milestones Classes meet during MidLink, the overall name for everything that happens on Wednesdays at our campuses. Join the Houston’s First family for dinner and discipleship.

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