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Milestones Classes

Framework for Discipleship

Milestones is a framework for adult discipleship designed to equip people through courses held throughout the week. Classes that provide specific discipleship in the following areas: Bible Book Study, Engaging the World (Missions), General Interest, Life Stages, Special Situations in Life, and Spiritual Maturity.

Book of Titus — DAYTIME

Every Wed, Sep 28–Nov 2 @ 12–1p — Room 221
F Leon Brooks, Campus Pastor

Explore Paul's message to Jesus' followers in Crete, a city known for corruption, sin, and evil.

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Building Your Finances God's Way

Every Wed, Sep 28–Nov 2 @ 6:15–7:30p
Co-Facilitators: Sophia Hiller, Church Member & Mason & Kelley Smith, Church Members

Get ready to have your life, finances, and relationship with the Lord taken to another level. Through this study, you’ll learn what the God of the universe has to say about money and possessions, how you can practically apply these words to your life, and how you can grow in leaps and bounds on your financial discipleship journey.

Cost: $25/person
The actual cost per person is $50 but the church is subsidizing the cost of materials.
You will receive your participant guide at the first session.

Registration will close after Sep 28, 2022*

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Book of Titus

Every Wed, Sep 28–Nov 2 @ 6:15–7:30p
F Leon Brooks, Campus Pastor

Explore Paul's message to Jesus' followers in Crete, a city known for corruption, sin, and evil.

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The Case for Psalms

Every Wed, Sep 28–Nov 2 @ 6:15–7:30p
F Sam Jones, Worship & Connection Associate

This course will be an overview and discussion of The Case for the Psalms by N.T. Wright. Participants will enter into a worldview, a way of communing with God and knowing him more intimately, and receive a map by which we understand the contours and direction of our lives as we understand how to read, pray, sing, and live the Psalms.

Cost: Free, but to purchase a book to enhance your experience, click here.

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You On Purpose

Every Wed, Sep 28–Nov 2 @ 6:15–7:30p
F Jakora Snow, College and Young Adults Director

What should I do with my life?

Whether you're just starting out on your journey, or you've found yourself at a crossroads and feel the need to change direction, each of us wants to know what our purpose is on this earth. We want our work and our lives to have meaning and impact far beyond our immediate context. But, how do you know what you were meant to do? And once you know . . . then what?

Each chapter in this book study seeks to dismantle a common myth about calling, replacing it with truth born from solid, current research. If you long to discover your unique place in the world, this book will help you catch that vision and make a plan to pursue it.

Cost: $5
You will receive a copy of the book at the first session.

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Elementary Biblical Greek

Every Wed @ 6:15–8:30p
F Ramsey Rabie, Church Member

Part 1: Sep 28–Nov 30 (Will not meet on Thanksgiving week)
Part 2: Jan 4–Mar 1

Do you have a desire to read the New Testament (NT) in the original language in which it was written? Would you like to be able to follow discussions of the language about NT passages, or use reference tools with ease that interact with that language? Now is your chance. Join us for part 1 this fall, and part 2 next January. In between each semester, the instructor may organize meets up for review and fellowship. The class requires diligence, but it is well worth the effort, paying rich rewards in your personal Bible study and for a lifetime of ministry.

Cost: Free, but there is a required textbook to make the most of the class. Click here to purchase it directly (Book will not be provided in class).

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