Halftime Speech: Ephesians 1–3 Overview

Gregg Matte – Nov 16, 2014

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Gregg Matte

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Gregg Matte is the senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church. Under his leadership, this historic church founded in 1841 has moved... read more

A Reading of Ephesians

Nov 13, 2014 / Pastor Gregg Matte / Ephesians 1-6
Ever find yourself singing along with the radio? Most people do at some point, either out loud or in their head. But how do you know the lyrics to the songs? Did you print them out, sit down, and study them to commit them to memory? Doubtful.
The words come to you easily because you've heard them over and over and over again — either by choice or because some songs simply get a lot of air time. Whether you like the song or not, the words have made their way into your memory.
With that in mind, Houston's First has provided a tool to help you memorize Ephesians — a reading of Paul's letter to the believers in Ephesus.
There are two ways you can add this reading to your playlist:
  • Download the files below
  • Purchase a CD in CornerBooks for $3

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