Gather at our Downtown Campus on Sundays at 9:30a or 11a or online at 9:15a, 11a, or 5p.
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Group Counseling

Counselor led groups are a fee-based service and they are led by professional counselors here at the church.

Men of Integrity Open Group

This is a confidential therapy group for men who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior, including those who have difficulty with internet pornography and other unwanted sexual behaviors. This group is open so long as it does not exceed 10 members. New members can join at any time and there is no set ending date. We ask that participants of the group be willing to commit to regular attendance. Call for a confidential screening appointment with the counselor leading this group at (713) 335-6462.

Facilitator: Myles Schutte, LPC
Meeting: Thursdays @ 5:30–7p
Cost: $50 per session
Group Attendees: Men, 18 or older
Requirements: Regular attendance, weekly contact with other group members, and electronic monitoring/filtering software on all internet devices.
Contact: Myles.Schutte@HoustonsFirst.orgfor more information

Domestic Abuse Recovery Group

Meeting: Starting in February
Call the Counseling Office at 713.335.6462 for more information.

Anxiety Group for Teens

Since the pandemic many teens have expressed higher levels of anxiety. We want to offer a group to help explore the feelings associated with the increased anxiety and help develop some healthy coping skills.

Facilitator: David Tamez and Anjaly Antony
Start: Open group can join at any time
When: Monday @ 6-7p
Where: Counseling Center
Cost: $25 per session
Contact: or