A Reason to Celebrate

Feb 26, 2015

It's been said that for any organization, you become what you celebrate. A manufacturer who awards safe practices will create a safe environment. A high-tech firm that recognizes innovation will inspire more creativity. A retailer that focuses solely on sales figures may create an environment where the customer only feels valued for their wallet.

This principle applies to churches, too. There are many aspects of the ministry of Houston's First that we can—and do—celebrate. For example, when people are baptized, we take time to share their stories and applaud for what God has done. Why? We want to be a community where life-change happens and is valued and where people can be authentic about their faith.

This Sunday will be another time to celebrate something we value. For two years, we've been on the MISSION 1:8 journey together. Along the way, God has done more than we asked Him to do or imagined that He would do.

So, as this journey culminates on MISSION 1:8 Celebration Sunday, we'll celebrate what He has done through our church and what He has done within us, as well. Hearts and lives have changed as we've increased our generosity to His work. This spiritual growth will benefit God's kingdom far beyond any particular missional endeavors we might pursue. And that, my friends, is something we need to celebrate! That is what we want to be as a church.

I recently sat down with Gathering Pastor Stephen Smith to share some of my thoughts about MISSION 1:8, what it has meant for our church, and Kelly's and my personal generosity journey. I invite you to watch this short video before we celebrate together on Sunday. We have so much to celebrate, I may not have time to share all of this on Sunday!

No matter what campus or worship service you attend, look forward to a time of praising God, giving thanks, and praying for what is to come. It promises to be one of those Sundays you won't want to miss. (Isn't every Sunday one of those Sundays when we gather together in His name?)

I'll see you at the celebration!


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