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Aug 24, 2015

Ever feel that the culture has led us horribly astray? From propaganda that has encouraged two generations to devalue human life in the name of “reproductive freedom” to the persecution of Christians who dare to live out biblical values in a politically correct society — how did we arrive here, is healing available, and what can be done to ensure that others don’t fall for the lies permeating our culture?

In keeping with Houston's First's vision of being a relevant biblical community, two Milestones classes beginning in September will explore these topics and more.

Forgiven and Set Free

Millions of women have undergone abortion since its legalization in 1973. Grief, self-condemnation and isolation often bubble just under the surface for a decade or more before presenting as self-destructiveness and dysfunction. Freedom from the bondage of guilt and grief is possible through the emotional and spiritual healing that only Jesus Christ can offer.

Cynthia Wenz “believed the abortion industry marketing they sold me,” she says. At 15, she became pregnant, and in order to keep the truth from her father, she was caught up in the abortion industry’s well-oiled machine. After the abortion she began to “act out,” and at age 19 again found herself in the same situation. At 29, Cynthia became pregnant a third time, and as a growing Christian, she thought God would certainly forgive her for terminating this pregnancy. After the third abortion, Cynthia’s follow up exam showed a still-enlarged uterus. “Can I see what’s still inside me?” she asked the doctor. What she saw on the ultrasound would forever change her life and, ultimately, direct her vocation.

"According to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior." — Titus 3:5-6

Years later, as CEO for The Source for Women, Cynthia feels called by God to be David to Planned Parenthood’s Goliath, as the Lord prompts her to “do what they do, but do it better with a message of life in Christ.” The Source for Women adopts a life-affirming reproductive healthcare model that acts as a first responder to women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy — embracing, equipping and empowering women by providing medical, emotional and spiritual assistance.

In addition to being a CEO, Cynthia leads Forgiven and Set Free, a Milestones course at Houston’s First, helping women to overcome the bondage of guilt and grief that inevitably follows abortion. The class begins on Wed, Sep 2, and runs through Nov 18, gathering from 6:30-8p in Room 143 at The Loop Campus (7401 Katy Freeway). Contact Charlotte Nease for questions pertaining to Forgiven and Set Free or call 713.957.5861.

The Political Animal: Engaging Politics as Christians

What is the role of Christians in politics? Is there wisdom to be found in the voices calling for Christians to disengage from political discourse, or it just another method the Enemy uses to silence the Christian worldview in our culture?

More than 50 million evangelical Christians stayed home from the polls in the last presidential election. “Regardless of your political affiliation, it is the Christian’s responsibility to vote,” said Lisa Calvert, facilitator of the upcoming Milestones class, The Political Animal: Engaging Politics as Christians. “There is a biblical basis for being involved in the political process.”

The six-week video series is taught by Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, who dissects the myths some Christians believe about engaging in politics, encouraging believers to take a stand on the critical issues of the day.

“As Christians, we are to have an active role in the world around us,” said Dr. Myers. “Though the Bible is not a guide to political action per se, it provides many illustrations of how believers changed society through political engagement.” For example, William Wilberforce engaged the British parliament over slavery for nearly three decades before it was abolished throughout the British Empire.

According to Dr. Myers, Western culture is firmly rooted in the faithful application of the Bible to social life and Christians throughout time have been inspired by the Bible to change society for good.

Political Animal is designed to spur clear thinking and filter out confusion when it comes to Christian involvement in politics, dispelling myths that prevent Christians from getting involved and to illuminate the path of integrity in political involvement.

The class meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8p from Sep 2 through Oct 7 in Room 507 at The Loop Campus (7401 Katy Freeway). Contact Courtney.Schisler@HoustonsFirst with questions.


At Houston's First, Milestones is a framework of adult discipleship that extends beyond Life Bible Studies to equip people in a particular stage or life, crisis, or in general discipleship. Milestones events and classes are open to the public and are offered throughout the semester on various days of the week and times of day. Visit the Milestones page to explore current opportunities.


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