Created for Good Works

Jun 12, 2015

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." — Ephesians 2:10

A year ago, Kendall Jenkins and her friends in 1:14, a young single adult Life Bible Study, began to fast and pray, hoping to see the Lord open doors that would allow them to significantly pour into the lives of others. All had responded to Pastor Gregg’s MISSION 1:8 call to generosity, but they were feeling led to do even more.

“I have been excited to give extravagantly beyond the tithe,” said Kendall. “But I was praying for a breakthrough on how I, a single girl with little resources, could make a BIG impact here in Houston and internationally in South Sudan.”

A couple of years ago Kendall participated in a 10-day mission trip to South Sudan and the idea to support the many needs there took root in her heart.

As she fasted and prayed, an idea to host an event was born. “It sounded crazy at the time,” said Kendall, “but I just continued to pray. I brought it up to my Bible study girls and they immediately jumped on board!”

The young women had no venue, no money, and very little free time. They knew, though, that when God gives a vision, He makes provision.

Soon, the vision had a name. The five girls would call it ‘Created.’

“We are each created with specific gifts and talents to glorify God,” said Kendall. “We are also created to know and make Him known.”

Their Life Bible Study got behind the project and one class member with a design background created a logo. Others created handmade goods to put in a silent auction, and an artist created a live painting to auction off at the event.

“God answered our prayers in miraculous ways,” said Kendall. “We were given a venue to use for free, a friend and his band agreed to play as entertainment for free, and local businesses gave us items for the auction — all free.” They prayed to raise $10,000 during the event, which, to the girls seemed completely unattainable. “We quickly learned that our math is very different than God’s!” said Kendall.

More than 200 young professionals attended Created, and in just three hours raised $30,000 through ticket sales and the silent auction. All the proceeds were used to introduce the love of Christ to the poor, exploited and marginalized.

Through Created, God became real to Sudanese children and their mothers who had to walk miles to get clean water in a war-torn country. The event completely funded a water well in Mvolo, South Sudan.

Back in Houston, innocent girls caught up in sex trafficking are now being housed and cared for by the donations from Created.

“We prayed boldly and trusted God,” said Kendall. “Just like Peter, we got out of the boat and looked to Jesus. I’m so glad we didn’t miss the opportunity to be part of a miracle."

How has God uniquely created you? Take the next step toward answering that question by completing a free online spiritual gifts assessment provided by Houston’s First.


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