Daily Light

Nov 27, 2014

Mary Ellen Buchanan, CornerBooks Director, is thrilled to offer Daily Light to the Houston's First family as our 2015 churchwide devotional.

"As a new believer at 18 years old, I was given two books by a dear friend and mentor — My Utmost for His Highest and Daily Light," Mary Ellen recalls. "Since I came from a non-Christian home, these two books literally shaped my life."

Unlike many books we're given at a young age or when we're new to the faith, Daily Light has continued for many years to be a vital part of Mary Ellen's growth as a Christian. The tattered copy she uses today (above) isn't her original, but it shows signs of its regular use in Mary Ellen's life.

"Other than the Bible, there is not one single book that has more profoundly impacted my life than Daily Light. Scarcely a day has gone by that I have not read it as part of my devotional time with Jesus."

Pastor Gregg Matte was involved in the selection of the 2015 devotional and has already started using Daily Light in his one-on-one time with God.

"There are many great devotionals out there, offering all kinds of wisdom and insight to help us better understand and apply scripture to our lives," says Pastor Gregg. "What I love about Daily Light is that it brings us back to the basics — to simply reading God's Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us free from any other person's interpretation or experience."

Daily Light was originally published in England in 1794. It consists of daily scripture readings — one for morning and one for evening. Over 200 years later, the classic was updated by Anne Graham Lotz. In addition to updating the language, she also added a selection of more than 50 topical Bible readings in the back of the book.

"Daily Light is God’s words. Receiving His Word every single day has strengthened me, comforted me, drawn me, upheld me, challenged me, and established me," says Mary Ellen. "The power of His Word — and Jesus IS the Word — has transformed my life."

Daily Light is available in CornerBooks at each campus. The leather-bound edition features the church's name imprinted on the front. Although it retails for $24.99, CornerBooks is offering it for $15.


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