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Full Of Impact

May 15, 2020

The Food Pantry at the Faith Center–Spring Branch has seen about a 700% increase in the number of families served each day during the coronavirus outbreak. Their shelves are stocked with donations throughout the year from the Houston's First family, the Houston Food Bank, and partners like Trader Joe's, Costco, Walmart, and Kroger.

Due to demand across the city, we are not able to receive as much from these outside organizations. So, the Houston's First box truck stopped by The Loop, Cypress, and Sienna Campuses to “FILL THE TRUCK” by collecting donations for the Food Pantry — and the event exceeded expectations!

"During the three-day event at the three locations, we saw a total of 693 cars come through donating 32,640 pounds of food. That is more than 16 tons of food!” says Director of Local Missions Justin Seale. “This will feed at least 650 families in need, providing them with a week’s worth of groceries from our Faith Center's Food Pantry!”

Seale explains the operations of the three-day event and the precautions that were taken due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We ran 20 staff and volunteers at The Loop Campus, 15-20 at Cypress, and 15-20 at Sienna. At each location, they were needed to guide vehicles, unload, sort, box, and load the trucks,” Seale says. “There was also extensive work to unload at the Food Pantry each day, and prepare the food for one week of quarantine to prevent any possible transmissions of COVID-19. The final step is additional sorting by our staff and volunteers, and then delivery to those requesting food assistance.”

Seale shares how Missions used this event as an opportunity to minister to those who were dropping off donations.

“We were asking for prayer requests while cars were in line to donate, and so many were so thankful our church was out receiving donations to impact our city,” Seale explains. “And they were excited to be a part of the project. Other prayer requests were more serious, meaning a fair number were really struggling and truly appreciated the prayer.”

About The Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is located at 8244 Long Point Road in the Spring Branch area. They are open to provide food as follows:

  • Monday @ 10a-1p
  • Tuesdays @ 10a-1p
  • Wednesdays @ 10a-1p
  • Thursdays @ 10a-1p
  • Fridays – CLOSED
  • Saturdays @ 10a-1p
  • Sundays – CLOSED

For additional information, call 713.554.8801.


Pastor Gregg Matte shared the following live updates from FILL THE TRUCK when it was at The Loop Campus on Wed, Apr 29, 2020.


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