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Real Life. Real People.: Sen. Ted Cruz

Jul 03, 2020

In his "Real Life. Real People." interviews, Pastor Gregg Mattes talks with Houston's First members about a variety of topics — including their daily lives, challenges they've faced, or how the Lord is using them right where they are.

On May 3, 2020, Pastor Gregg sat down with Sen. Ted Cruz for such an interview and talked about his life as a family man, a public servant, and a follower of Christ. Find "Real Life. Real People." interviews below.


Public Service


More "Real Life. Real People." Interviews

Kris Gutierrez

Kris, news anchor at KPRC Channel 2, talks about his return to Houston, the challenge of being a dependable voice during the pandemic, and his life as a man of God.

Lang Motes and Dena Lee

Our jobs and our actions in them can become our biggest opportunities to evangelize and change people's lives. Lang and Dena are impacting the cultures of their companies by sharing the love of Christ and making a difference

Marc & Leigh Kohler

Marc & Leigh talk with Pastor Gregg about human trafficking and what individuals can do to help in the fight against it. Leigh is the Executive Director of the Freedom Church Alliance, a growing movement of churches united to fight human trafficking.


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A Reimagined Courtyard

Welcome, Dr. Stephen Trammell!

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