Year-Round H-Town Missionaries

Jul 07, 2014

While it’s true that the Houston’s First family is sharing the love of Christ with our city during Houston 1:8 the week of July 6-10, 2014, saying it that way can be misleading. It implies we’re not sharing His love the rest of the year — but we certainly are! Besides, whether we’re with neighbors or co-workers, family or friends, our church family doesn’t need sno-cones or matching t-shirts to spread the Good News!

Since it started in the late ‘90s, Houston 1:8 has sought to train people for the mission field. For many, it’s given them skills and confidence to share their faith on the “mission field” of their daily lives. For some, it was a step that led them to being full-time missionaries around the globe. And for others, being a Houston 1:8 missionary for a week was the beginning of an ongoing relationship with their ministry site and the fellow Houstonians they had come to know.

We asked some of these year-round missionaries to our city to share what God is doing at their ministry sites. As Houston 1:8 takes place this week, ask God to reveal how you or your Life Bible Study could continue the relationships formed at your ministry site after the last sno-cone is served!

Madeline Mohr

“In the fifty-one weeks a year we aren't doing Houston 1:8, we are giving our lives away at Kelly Village in a few ways. We have the privilege to be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus to the people who live there through service every third Saturday of the month, and we are consistently lifting up Kelly Village through prayer both individually and as a Life Bible Study. The long-term impact of Houston 1:8 is what makes it much more that a short-term mission trip inside our city.”

Vernon & Lynn Tyger

“Since serving at Houston 1:8 at North Central Baptist Church in 2009, we have continued to disciple children and teenagers every Wednesday night. Some kids come with their parents, but most walk to the church from the government housing next door. This past Spring, the number of kids coming on Wednesday nights doubled. These kids really want to come to church and learn about God!”

Keith & Kayla Boyd

“A few times a year at the Faith Center, members of the our Life Bible Study teach a Wednesday night Bible study. We typically serve the children ranging from infants to 5th graders. The children are so loving, energetic, and are truly hungry for the Gospel. It is such a great way to serve the community and we are so thankful for the relationship we have with the Faith Center!”

Corey & Sarah McKeon

“By people's willingness to serve at Kids’ Club, Homework Helpers, or the Summer Lunch Program, members of our church body who live in the Oak Forest apartment complex have a better leg to stand on when trying to help families know Jesus. Our Life Bible Study’s commitment to the ministry helps us build relationships with the kids, and that makes the week of Houston 1:8 more effective. It has been exciting to see God call people from our Life Bible Study to serve in capacities across that entire spectrum. God uses a small amount of obedience to do big things."

JP & Megan Johnson

“As soon as you enter the gates at the SunBlossom Mountain apartments, you immediately feel as if you are in another country. People from various parts of East Asia can be found playing, doing laundry, working on their car, or sitting on their porches. Last year, we felt an incredible burden to continue doing ministry at the site. Through volunteer efforts from some Life Bible Studies, we have been able to return to the site twice a month for the entire year. We host a kids’ club on Saturday mornings where we teach the children a Bible lesson, play games, and feed them a snack. Also, we were fortunate to host a Christmas and Easter event there. These efforts would not be possible without the Life Bible Studies that volunteer. They have enjoyed building and maintaining relationships with the children, and that makes them feel even more invested to show up during Houston 1:8 in a big way.”


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