Relevant Biblical Community

Gathering Our Hearts

Worship services, special events, and MidLink are the primary ways the church family gathers our hearts together. Gathering together reveals the beauty and diversity of God's children.

Discover252 (T Bar M Day Camp)

Monday Aug, 06 @ 8:30 am
Cypress Campus

Legacy 685 10th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday Oct, 13 @ 10:00 am
Off Campus (Lanier Family Property)

Growing Our Souls

Life Bible Studies and Milestones classes are our main vehicles for growing our souls closer to God. They provide a place for us to explore the beauty and mystery of God's Word. Click below to browse current Life Bible Studies and Milestones Classes

Giving Our Lives

A soul growing closer to God cannot be contained. Eventually, it will need to find a release. Missions and volunteering are two such outlets