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Rebuilding: Harvey Next Steps

Houston's First – Oct 11, 2017

Meredith Beers of SBP, a non-profit whose mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery, talks about topics such as: Navigating FEMA/Insurance and Filing Claims, Mold Remediation, and Starting Construction

About SBP

SBP was founded in March 2006 by two volunteers who served in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish following Hurricane Katrina. Seeing the inefficiency and unbearably slow progress of the institutional — or “traditional” — rebuilding process, but inspired by the residents' collective spirit and fierce determination to rebuild, they launched SBP to help them achieve their recovery goals.

With the tremendous support of donors, volunteers and corporate partners, SBP has grown from a three-person volunteer team into a national organization headquartered in New Orleans, and recognized as a leader in disaster resilience and recovery, with a mission is to shrink time between disaster and recovery.

SBP seeks to achieve its mission via five interventions:

  1. Rebuild homes quickly after disasters by mobilizing private sector innovations and assigning a single point of contact to make the home rebuilding process faster and more predictable.
  2. Share rebuilding innovations with other rebuilding organizations to allow for efficient, predictable recovery on a national scale.
  3. Prepare home and business owners prior to and following disaster with specific steps to mitigate risk and improve resilience.
  4. Advise policy makers immediately after a disaster so they can deploy federal dollars sooner, and in a way that empowers an efficient recovery.
  5. Advocate for the reform of disaster recovery strategies in the U.S. to improve the predictability and speed of recovery.

Visit their website to learn more about SBP and their current recovery efforts in Houston.